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Obsessed (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

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Obsessed (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

Post by TracyCook on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:34 pm


By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These character belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Authors Note: Give it a chance people! It is so obvious this couple needs to be written more! And appreciated more, I myself am a lesbian, and there is so much chemistry between the two! I commemorate anyone who writes Tawni/Sonny fanfics y'all are amazing! :)

Rating: M

Chapter 1

I'm Sonny!

There was a new girl on the cast. If there was one thing that could give Tawni a "hart"-attack this would be it. How could they replace her with some other girl from Wisconsin? Who could even possibly be impressed by some ugly girl obsessed with cheese?

"She probably smells like cheese too." The blonde mumbled in her high pitched whiney voice as she pouted and crossed her arms sitting on the couch in HER dressing room.

"Tawni, don't you think you are being a bit unreasonable?" Marshall rambled on, he had been trying to convince the young star of the children's show So Random that it would not be as bad as she assumed. "Maybe it will be nice to have a girl on the set, you two could bond, be best friends."

Scoffing the star looked away, pointing her nose in the air obnoxiously. "As If!" It was not uncommon for the blonde to be completely obnoxious and self-absorbed. That was something they had all grown used to.

Marshall did doubt his own words. It was near impossible for him to imagine her being best friends, or even close to anyone who was not herself. It was a flaw of the star he supposed, as with Chad they always seemed to be the most self-absorbed of their cast.

"She is a sweet girl Tawni, please at least treat her with some respect."

Sighing, the blonde rolled her eyes before getting up and walking to the mirror completely ignoring her manager. She had other things in mind. In fact if it were possible Tawni would make the newcomers first day so horrible that she may even leave. 'Wouldn't that be something great?' She thought giggling to herself as she reapplied her trademark lip-gloss.

"Did you hear me?"

"Wha-?" The girl asked obviously lost in thought. Catching onto what he had asked she laughed and waved her hand as if it were no big deal. "Oh, of course, of course."

Tawni fixed her makeup and prepared herself for the other girl. The girl who would be sharing her dressing room, that very thought making the blonde cringe. If anything she wanted to look her best to make sure the other girl would know who was the most beautiful on the set.

Walking back to the couch she lounged back in it awaiting the newcomer. Wondering what she would look like. Obviously there was no way she would be more beautiful than herself, but she was curious.

Tawni's ears perked as she heard the sound of rolling luggage outside of the door. 'This must be her…' She thought curiously as she sat up straight confidently watching the door.

Blue eyes stared at the door eagerly as manicured fingers fidgeted just slightly out of impatience. She was ready to lay her eyes upon whatever girl they deemed worthy to work in her own shadows.

There were some clunking sounds, and the turning of the door knob, before the door was pushed open. The only sight that the blonde got of the new co-star was the back of her as she dragged her luggage into the room. All that she could tell was that the other girl was a brunette. 'People love blondes way more.' Her mind reminded her as she watched the other closely, noting her clumsiness, still curious as to what her face looked like.

Finally after the other young woman's luggage was propped up she stretched her arms out and let out a sound of relief. "Phew! So this is how you can tell you've made it big!" She laughed a bit at her own joke, still unaware of the blonde in the room with her.

Scoffing Tawni made herself noticed by the brunette as she mocked "I would hardly call you being a back-up star for me "making it big."

As if someone had presented the brunette with a check for a million dollars she turned on her heels, huge smile across her face. The blonde did not get a moment to actually look her over, but in just the split second she did have she noticed something. 'She's really cute…' Mostly this news upset her, but for some odd reason a strange part of her became excited by this news. This was very unlike her, she did not enjoy competition. Not that she really believed that she had any.

Unable to revel in her staring at the cute brunette, she was quickly wrapped up tightly in a hug. This was not a pleasant hug, not that any hug to Tawni Hart was pleasant. It happened so fast it took her a moment to even realize it was the same brunette who she had just been looking at.

Arms trapped at her sides the blonde was quickly overwhelmed by a beautiful and unfamiliar scent. 'She certainly does not smell like cheese… but it is unique… like grass on a rainy day… God damn it Tawni what the hell are you thinking! You hate this girl!'

"You can let go of me any moment now." She said in her high-pitched voice, mostly annoyed.

"Oh I am so sorry! But you're Tawni Hart!" As the brunette said these words her voice became high pitched and cracked in excitement. She still had not let go of the blonde who was growing a bit impatient. Though, she did enjoy the boost to her ego she was receiving from the obvious admiration from the brunette. "I love you!" She finished.

'She loves me?' Her mind questioned this, and without having control over herself a light blush covered her cheeks. It was not often she heard those words from anyone. Not even her parents. Not that it mattered honestly, this girl did not love her, she did not even know her.

"Yes, I am 'THE' Tawni Hart, and you must be "THE" random new girl who has come to steal my spot?"

"Oh no no no! I would never dream of doing such a thing. Honestly. It is such an honor to just be working with someone as amazing as you are!" The brunette gushed on and on, which only served to cause the blonde to blush even more.

It was annoying her that she could not seem to make it go away when the brunette complimented her. So, Tawni did what Tawni did best to avoid the strange feelings. "Well, either way, we are rivals. I do not like you and we are not going to be friends." She said before backing away from the brunette's embrace which strangely enough she missed.

"But I…"

"No But's about it, we will not be friends."

The beautiful brunette's once bright smile faded just a bit, but did not disappear which was shocking to the blonde. It was not often that she met someone so positive. Even after Tawni tore her down completely she continued smiling.

"Well, I think we will be friends." Finally the brunette said that smile returning to her face. That smile that seemed infectious and tempted the blonde to smile herself. 'God Damn it I have got to STOP thinking this way! I HATE HER! HATE!'

Turning she dragged her luggage into the room, which allowed blue eyes to wander the other's beautiful body causing her to become confused. She had never looked at another girl this way. What was wrong with her?

"By the way, the name's Sonny." She stated with that huge alluring smile.

'Of course it is… what a fucking ironic name that is… God certainly has a sense of humor.'


Authors Note: That is the end of the first chapter. I am honestly known for better work and longer chapters. Buuut, I got inspired to do this so late at night, and it is already 1AM and for someone who has class at 8am I need to get some rest. Please review and I will make sure to update soon! Of course this will be a sonny/tawni fic! Please be open minded! It is a beautiful couple!

-Tracy Cook

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Fuuka Academy Student

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Re: Obsessed (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:00 pm

AH! This was the multi-fanfic I remember reading a while back! I'm not finished yet, full review
coming soon. It's supposed to be a retelling of the Sonny series, except with Tonny
lovage. ^_~ Right?


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Chapter 2

Post by TracyCook on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:22 am


By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These character belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Chapter 2

Slave Driver

Tawni was a slave driver. That was the best way for Sonny to describe her. She was not only one of the meanest humans that the brunette had ever met, probably the meanest human on the entire face of the earth but also she was self-centered and obnoxious and nothing like what she had expected when she watched her at home.

The blonde had always been her idol. She was one of the funniest characters on the show, and the one who had actually inspired her to do her own skits. It was not that she could not understand her attitude, the other star had been coddled her entire life and raised to be the way that she was. It was just out of Sonny's comprehension. Sighing she looked down at the bright pink boots in her hands.

She had told her blonde co-star that she would shine her boots. Mostly because she was genuinely a nice person and had a problem telling people no when they asked something of her. Yet, partially it was because she was not quite ready to give up on her idol. She knew that if anyone could get her to come around it would be her.

Smiling Sonny reveled in the thought of her and Tawni Hart actually becoming friends, she made it her goal in that moment to melt through the other's ice exterior.

"Less smiling, more shining! You know, shine? Like the sun, SONNY." She emphasized using her name in a way to attack the brunette.

This annoyed Sonny but only a bit, her want to get closer to the blonde was not in any way shaken by her rudeness. She assumed that this was something she would have to get used too, even if they did become closer.

"Sorry!" She quickly apologized and continued to shine her boots.

Tawny smiled satisfied with this response as she lay down on the couch lounging and picking at her nails as she watched the other do her work. It was exactly how a master would treat a slave. It had been two weeks now of this torture and both Sonny and their cast members could not figure out why she was doing this.

Laughing a little to herself earned her a glare from a certain blue eyed woman. 'No laughing! Just Shining Sonny!' Sonny thought to herself which caused her to laugh once again.

For a second, though she did not dare stop shining the boots she thought about why she was doing this. It was not something she would do for just anyone. Yes, she liked to be on everyone's good side, but there was something special about Tawni something that made her want it all the more. She just couldn't quite place her finger on what it was.

"Alright I am done Tawni, anything else?" She asked with a smile as she walked over to the blonde placing the boots beside the couch.

"Hmm… Yes, I need you to go to the store, I have a list of things I need." The blonde said with that smirk across her face.

Sonny sighed and her shoulders dropped but she kept a smile on her face. Honestly she was not all that discouraged; she wanted to do anything she could to help make the blonde happy. It was just a lot of work making Tawni happy, if even a possible feat at all. "Okay, I need the list."

The blonde pulled out a pink piece of paper that had purple writing on it. As she handed the list to Sonny, their fingers brushed against each other. The brunette noticed the contact and blushed a bit which was a strange reaction. She had many friends she was close with back home and they were "hugging people", it was not abnormal to her in any way shape or form for friends to touch. Yet this made her crave more, which made her blush more and pull her hand away quickly as if burnt.

Tawni looked at her strangely, which Sonny assumed was due to her random reaction to the skin contact. After all upon meeting she was all hugs and sunshine while the other was the standoffish one.

"I need everything on the list, I wrote down all of the proper brands and I expect no mistakes."

"Aye Aye Captain!" She said with a salute and a teasing gleam in her brown eyes, which earned her another glare from the beautiful blonde on the couch before she rolled her eyes and shooed the brunette away with her hand.


"Where is she?" Tawni questioned out loud, it was not uncommon for her to talk to herself. Not that anyone dared to question her if she did so.

Currently she was fixing her hair and continuously looking up at the clock. It had been three hours, and despite Sonny not having a car she assumed she would have returned soon. She felt worried and it was bothering her, not that she was worried but what she was worried about. Honestly by this point she had convinced herself she was more worried about her things not coming back than Sonny not coming back.

'I hope she doesn't come back!' Her mind thought as her face scrunched up. Leaning forward to look into her mirror she noticed a slight flaw in her skin and immediately covered it up so the world could never notice.

As her eyes traveled back up to the clock she felt an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach, she had never felt this way before. It was irritating, almost made her claustrophobic. Sighing she leant back in the chair and closed her eyes allowing her mind to wander to earlier right before Sonny had left.

There had been a moment that kept coming back to her thoughts, where Sonny and she had touched hands. It was strange because it was not her first instinct to pull her hand away but it was the brunette's instinct. In fact she could even go as far as to say she enjoyed the contact.

"Hmm…" She pondered allowed. "Now why the hell would I, Tawni Hart, enjoy something like that? That is preposterous." She laughed and shook her head.

"What? You enjoyed something? That does sound a bit crazy." Sonny stated laughing as she walked into the room. Her voice shocking the blonde who stood quickly and then sat down relaxing into the chair.

"Oh, Ha. Ha." Tawni responded looking away and scowling just a bit.

Sonny walked over to her with three bags full of the things that Tawni had asked for. "I was only joking Tawni, I am sure you have a lot of things that you enjoy. Here is your stuff; sorry it took so long I wanted to make sure I got everything right for you." She stated with a smile. 'God damn she is always so smiley!'

"Thanks." Tawni said hardly even acknowledging what she had said, though she did feel a sense of relief that the other had returned and it made her want to smile knowing that she cared to do things right. She did not dare.

Sonny stared at her for a moment with those brown eyes, looking directly into her own. It caused the blonde's heart to skip a beat. "Yeah no problem, anytime." The brunette finally stated as she fell back onto the couch in their dressing room.

Tawni smiled at that finally. It had been awhile since she had smiled due to anyone but herself or her own ratings and money, but it made her feel good knowing that she had someone there for her. Even if she hated to admit to ever be dependent on any person. 'I'm certainly not dependent… it is just nice… like a butler or a maid kinda nice…' She tried to reason.

"Soo, I was wondering…" Sonny started with a smile on her face as she spoke, she seemed excited.

"Yes?" The blonde questioned raising an eyebrow.

Pausing Sonny looked down as though she was thinking about something or searching for the right words. She looked perplexed. 'She looks very cute… Wait? Cute?'

"My mom is out of town for the weekend, and it gets awfully lonely at my house, so I was wondering if perhaps you would come and spend some time with me. You don't have to stay the night or anything like that, but maybe just watch a few movies, I would cook or go shopping for you or anything you needed, and it would only be for a few hours, and I am rambling… sorry." She finally cut herself off.

The rambling caused another forbidden smile to cross Tawni's face, and even a slight snicker. It was too hard to hold it in. For a second she thought about this proposition. She knew that she should say no, and in any other case would say no. Yet, for some reason she felt the need to do this, perhaps as a repayment for all Sonny has done for her since she arrived.

Glancing the brunette over she realized she was practically begging. 'God why is she so persistent, it is impossible to tell her no…' "You will cook for me?"

"Mmhmm!" Sonny said taking this as a sign that she would be coming over, her smile was starting to grow across her face until she undoubtedly would be consumed by her own happiness Tawni was certain.

"Anything I want?"

"Mmmmhmm!" The mmhmm was held longer this time her excitement obviously growing as Tawni questioned her.

"Fine I will come over, but only for a few hours." With this admittance the blonde immediately regretted it as she heard a squeal and was wrapped up in a bone crushing hug. Sonny's face was pressed against her own and the feeling of her skin against her own caused herself to blush a bit, as she ignored her confused mind.

Sonny continued to hold onto her until finally Tawni tried to struggle away, then the brunette let go of her. "This is going to be so much fun!"


Authors Note:

The second chapter. Not much longer, sorry folks, but I just got done writing another chapter for my one tree hill deb and Karen fic. GO DEBEN! :p I also have 5 more stories I am hoping to add chapters to tonight… sooo Sorry…

Buut if I get enough reviews for this story I will make sure to move it to the top of my list! Until then, adios!

-Tracy Cook

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Re: Obsessed (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

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