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Can't Be Friends (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

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Can't Be Friends (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

Post by TracyCook on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:29 pm

Can't Be Friends

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Authors Note: A Sonny/Tawni fic for firelady101's SWAC contest. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it, win or no win, this should be fun! :) First real Songfic I've ever done so I hope that I don't disappoint! Song I picked is "Can't be friends" by Trey Songz.

Chapter 1

Answers or Mistakes?

For as long as Tawni could remember she had always had a crush on a certain brunette co-star of hers. Well, maybe not always. At first she had simply thought that her feelings toward the other consisted of jealousy and hatred for something she would never be.

To the blonde, from day one Sonny had always been so beautiful. This was not what made her jealous though, because Tawni knew that she herself was beautiful, it was that sweet and very naïve personality that she possessed. That was something that the diva had never possessed and never would.

Being in show business from the age of three had taken away from her having a normal life. She had been exposed to the darkness of the real world at a very young age and she knew due to this that she was her only true friend. Other people would do anything in their power to get ahead of you, it did not care who they hurt or betrayed as long as they received publicity. In turn Tawni had mirrored their actions and became like them.

Along with this, the young star had learnt that love was a hoax in Hollywood. People married for more attention, they married to steal money, and for mere lust.

At least this was how Tawni had always looked at showbiz; someone had changed that all for her and flipped her world completely upside down. That someone was Sonny Munroe. When she had arrived to their show the blonde had assumed she was just like every other person she had met, but Sonny was unlike anyone in Hollywood.

It had taken some time for her to come to the realization that these feelings for the brunette ran so much deeper than feelings she held for any other individual. Of course she had originally thought that it was merely the first person she could call a true friend, but over time it had grown to more.

She had realized this two years ago.

Over the last two years she had grown used to holding it in and pushing Sonny away, she knew that she could never tell her about this. Her pride would never allow it. Not only would it completely destroy the image she had spent a lifetime perfecting, if she were to be rejected by the girl that she had always tried to hate it would completely break her.

So, instead, she continued through life pretending to hate her, while many times allowing the fact that she cared to come out and her façade to slip away. This of course led to a hug from the beautiful girl that made her body heat up and completely took her breath away. It was almost tormenting how over the years she had stopped pushing Sonny away and instead savored every single touch from her.

On more than one occasion Tawni had fantasized about kissing her friend, what it would be like to hold her hand for more than a second, to say that she were hers. She was even to the point that she would probably do something about it. But there was one problem.

'I can't believe that she is engaged to that self-serving jerk.' Tawni pouted a bit as she thought about it. Chad had asked Sonny to marry him, and surprisingly despite their many falling outs she had agreed.

So now she was getting married to whom else but her largest rival, Chad Dylan Cooper. Since the age of six when he broke her heart they had been rivals in everything and he had always won. Now unbeknownst to him they were rivals for the same woman, and by the look of things he was winning at that as well. Not that it was a game in any way to her, these feelings were completely real. It was almost suffocating how real they were, and she was running out of time to make a move, because the wedding was drawing near. 'Just three days…'

Tawni was currently planning things for the bachelorette party that she would be hosting tonight. Sonny had surprisingly trusted her with the preparations. It was amazing how three years could change so much. No one had ever trusted Tawni with such a task. 'I suppose this is just what best friends do, right?'

While most would assume that the diva would make the party all about herself, she had other plans. Knowing that this was not about her. She had been preparing for weeks now trying to make it fun for Sonny and figure out ways to pull her out of her comfort levels to enjoy it.

Though both girls were now of drinking age, the blonde was sure that Sonny had never drank alcohol. She herself had only drank on rare occasions, for she liked to be in control of herself. Not to mention in the mornings after she had gotten trashed seeing herself so unbelievably unattractive was enough to frighten her from drinking.

Still, it had been fun, and with her nerves how they currently were at just thinking about the night with the girl that she secretly loved, Tawni knew that alcohol was going to be a necessity tonight.

On top of it all they would be going to a male strip show, which was not something that the blonde cared to see. She had found over the many years that she did not find men or woman attractive really, only Sonny. So a little blurred vision could not hurt, right?

'Chad's so damn lucky.' Tawni thought to herself sighing a bit. 'She is happy with him though… so this is how it must stay.'


Standing in line for the strip club Sonny could feel her heart racing in her chest, she was nervous. She had never been to such a place and it was making her feel a bit guilty about Chad. Not to mention a bit nervous as she thought about what he could be doing on his last "free night."

"Isn't this cheating?" Sonny asked as her conscience continued to badger her. Over the years she had lost a bit of her innocence, most of that being after giving herself to Chad sexually, but she had certainly not lost it all. So, for the brunette, this was a bit too much. She was getting married to the only person that she could possibly see herself with.

"Sonny it isn't cheating." Tawni stated before she noticed her friends doubtful eyes. "Is it stealing when you go to a store and browse, but do not buy anything?"

"No." Was Sonny's slightly confused reply. She honestly did not get the analogy or think it was anywhere near close to the same thing. But, it was definitely a VERY Tawni thing to say.

"Exactly! So let's go have fun!" The diva shouted in her high pitched voice with a smile that spread across her face. For Sonny it was always cute to see Tawni smile, to see her real smile, it was something she had learnt to treasure over the years for she did not show it to many.

Tawni grabbed onto the brunette's hand and dragged her toward the front of the line. She had to suppress all of the feelings that the simple touch elicited. Her body reacted and she felt her stomach tangle in knots and her heart race. Yet, it hurt knowing it meant nothing to Sonny.

The bouncer stood with crossed arms against his fit chest, he was rather large and a very muscular man. "You gals look awfully young for a place like this, can I see some ID?"

"Of course." Tawni said as she started sifting through her purse before pulling out her very pink, and very bedazzled wallet. Opening it she showed him her license, proud of her age, though a little annoyed that he did not recognize her.

"Very well, now you?" He asked pointing to the brunette.

Sonny nodded laughing nervously as she handed the ID to the tall man, she felt as if there was a need for her to explain to him why she were in a place like this. "I wouldn't usually come to a place like this, but, ya see, I'm getting married this weekend so it's just part of the bachelorette party, for fun. But—" She was interrupted as the bouncer laughed at her obvious innocence handing back her ID.

"No explanation needed. Have fun ladies." He undid the rope to let them in.

The brunette was still feeling bad. "What would Chad think if he knew where I was right now? WHERE IS HE RIGHT NOW?'

Tawni could tell that her friend was worried and laughed loudly before wrapping an arm around the shorter of the two's shoulders pushing her into the club. "I know just what you need to take away your worries so that you can have some fun." She sand the end of the sentence knocking their hips together, earning a laugh from her friend.

"I am afraid to ask."

"Then don't, the less questions out of you the better." The blonde smiled over at Sonny as they reached the bar. Once there she ordered two alcoholic beverages for her and the brunette, each had cute pink umbrellas in them. "Just drink." She handed one to her friend.

"Tawni, I don't drink." Sonny stated a little upset.

"Sure ya do." Tawni said with a smirk on her lips. It was rare to see her being so friendly and playful but she had gotten more so over the years, and Sonny had grown to care for her deeply. "I've seen you drink many many times over the last three years." She winked, which for some reason caused the shorter girl to blush.

Despite all of the blonde's joking, she felt the need to stick with her convictions handing the drink back. "Seriously Tawni, alcohol is bad for you."

"Oh Sonny, you are too good for your own good! One drink won't kill you." As if trying to prove her point she took a sip of her own drink before adding in a cute voice. "Yummy! Now drink up." With this she pushed the drink back.

Tawni had no intention of getting Sonny drunk, she merely wanted the beautiful girl to enjoy her night. For once in her life she honestly held no selfish intentions and only a slight improbably hope that if she loosened up Sonny would admit her love for her. Which of course would never happen. 'But a girl can dream…'

They found a seat at a table right in front of the stage, Sonny taking small sips of the drink that she found tasted surprisingly sweet. It was nothing like she had expected alcohol to taste like. Anxiety was causing her heart to speed as the lights turned down signaling that the show was about to start.

The brunette was dragged out of her thoughts and anxieties as she looked over at Tawni, who was pulling some money out for when the strippers arrived on stage. What really caught her eyes was the blonde's beautiful face and features. She wondered momentarily why her friend had no boyfriend, she certainly was beautiful. Her beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, slightly tanned skin, and of course those beautiful pink coco-moco-coco glossed lips.

As the blonde noticed the staring she looked over at her friend with confused blue eyes. This caused Sonny to start blushing and quickly fix her eyes on the stage. 'Why did I just blush? It's just Tawni!' Looking down she realized that her glass was almost empty. 'Must be the alcohol. Yeah. That must be it.'

Tawni was wondering very similar things, she had not been shocked to see Sonny looking at her, it was the brunette's reactions that had confused her. That and the way that those large brown eyes had been looking her over, almost lustfully? 'You're just getting your hopes up Tawni… but she was blushing! Why was she blushing?' As her heart started to rapidly beat the blonde downed her entire drink hoping it would calm her nerves. The liquid burned.

Raising a perfectly manicured hand to get the waiter's attention she smiled at him, taking note of what was supposed to be a sexy outfit he wore she laughed internally before asking him for two more drinks.

Feeling calmer now due to the alcohol in her system she smiled and the rational part of her brain told her 'She was probably blushing at the thought of where we would be putting this money.' Smiling at this she looked over to see Sonny look away as the curtains opened revealing six very muscular men on stage dressed in clothes that more than likely would rip off.

'She is so cute…' Tawni thought giggling to herself as she shook her head. "Sonny, we won't get our money's worth if you don't at least watch the show."

The blonde watched as Sonny hesitantly looked at the stage as if it were the scary part of a movie in the theatre, it was almost unbearably adorable. She laughed out as those brown eyes that she loved widened at the sight of the men tearing off their suits and remaining only in their leopard thongs, dancing along the stage all together.

Sonny could feel her body growing hot and her face flushing from embarrassment, or perhaps the alcohol. Quickly she realized that her second glass of alcohol was gone.

Tawni who seemed to be more entertained by Sonny's reactions signaled to the waiter who brought two more glasses to their table.

Able to feel the alcohol now as it rushed through her blood system, the brunette was trying to understand the strange sensations she was feeling. It felt as if her mind was growing foggy and she was not worrying or overthinking things like she usually would. Her conscience had shut up for the most part.

Probably the weirdest side-effect that Sonny was experiencing would be the random attraction that she was feeling toward her best friend. Though, she had always found her beautiful this was a very different attraction. She kept watching her as she placed bills into the stripper's thongs. Tawni would shout out "oohs" as she did so, obviously a bit tipsy herself at the very least, but with every bill that she placed into a thong Sonny felt jealousy. She wanted all of the blonde's attention.

She too had partaken in putting money into the guy's panties, which was something she would never be brave enough to do without the alcohol's influence. The beautiful girl found that none of them seemed to hold her attention though, not like the blonde was. None were even attractive to her and they were perfect men, as if chiseled by God himself.

Tawni had noticed the way that Sonny had been looking at her as she finished up yet another drink. Perhaps it was the alcohol but she was feeling exceptionally brave and was almost certain that those brown eyes had been watching her with more lust than they held for the men on stage.

One more drink for both of them was all that it took to help the diva make her move.

"None of these guys are remotely hot!" The volume of her voice was hard to control in her current state so it came out in a shout.

Shocked a bit by the blonde's voice Sonny jumped in her chair before bursting out in a fit of giggles. As she calmed her laughing she laid her head on the tables looking up at Tawni's face locking their eyes. "I know, not any of them."

Confusion filled blue eyes at these words; they only seemed to confirm her suspicions. Earlier she had seen lust behind those brown eyes, and if it were not for the men than could possibly be for herself, right? 'Time to test a theory…' She thought to herself deviously.

Sonny had been preoccupied with running her eyes once again over her friend's face. As her eyes ran down from beautiful eyes they landed on her pink lips. The stare was one of hunger, for some reason she was feeling tempted to taste the chocolate lips, they appeared so much softer than any guys she had ever seen and she wondered if they were.

'Control yourself Sonny; this is just the alcohol talking. You are not into girls, you love Chad.' Her mind tried it's hardest to remind her.

"Thinking about Chad then?" Tawni finally questioned a smirk on those tempting lips.

Sonny was confused as she was dragged out of her thoughts with a strange question. "Huh?"

"You have a very lustful look on your face. I assume it is for him?" Secretly the blonde was hoping that it was not for him and that it was for her. Even if that were the case she doubted that Sonny would be honest with her.

The young actress from Wisconsin blushed brightly. Not that it would be noticeable to anyone but herself with how flushed she already was. Truth was that the lustful look had nothing to do with Chad, and though she knew it would be wrong to admit that to her friend she could not seem to stop herself, and her lips betrayed her. "No, not Chad."

Blue eyes widened. "What? She couldn't really have been thinking about me?' Tawni's heart started to race more so than it ever had, if she were unhealthy she would have worried about having a heart attack. Trying to regain her composure, despite her shock, she smirked. "Oh really now?"

Standing the woman in heels walked around the table to where Sonny was seated with the top half of her body still resting on the table. Sitting up abruptly the brunette found the stage behind her blonde co-star very fascinating for the first time that night. "Yes." Her voice came out high pitched and squeaky like it often did when she was extremely nervous.

"Really." She stated in a lower and quiet voice.

"Then who exactly were you thinking of, Sonny?" Her voice was teasing.

Even with the alcohol in her system she knew better than to admit to her best friend that she had been thinking about what it would be like to kiss her. So, Sonny opted for simply mumbling out "No one in particular." Her voice betrayed her though by growing high at the end. Tawni always could tell when she was lying and the smirk widening across her beautiful face only confirmed this. 'Oh god… she knows…'

Tawni moved even closer to Sonny who was now sitting up straight in the chair, the closer that the blonde got the more she felt light headed. 'What is she going to do? She doesn't look mad…'

"If you are not thinking of your fiancé or the men on the stage then I can only think of one person that it could be, correct me if I am wrong." The diva stated as she started to dance in front of her friend, swaying her hips from side to side. She enjoyed the way that large brown eyes watched her body with lust. She had never expected that this would happen, and she planned to take full advantage of it, even if she lost it all the next day. "There's that look again." She stated teasingly.

Sonny forced herself to look away from Tawni's perfect body as she bit down on her bottom lip and tried to ignore the way her body was reacting. She had never felt anything so intense and that was scaring her. "Tawni, I'm sorry." She apologized shamefully before feeling something weigh down her legs. Looking up it did not take long for the brunette to realize that the beautiful girl had straddled her lap.

"Don't be sorry." The blonde star stated her voice now much lower than usual as she lent in against Sonny's neck pressing those soft lips against the sensitive skin she found there. Leaning up she sucked her co-star's earlobe into her mouth grazing it with her teeth as she let it go and whispered hotly against her ear. "I like it."

Any clear thoughts that Sonny had had running through her mind disappeared as she felt those lips against her neck, before teasing her ear. The words whispered against her ear only intensified the feelings that she had been experiencing. They were frightening, yet exciting, and if she were honest with herself she would admit she liked it too. Still, she did not react outwardly and this seemed to annoy the blonde straddling her hips.

Leaning in she pushed her lips against Sonny's skin again before sucking the sweet flesh between her lips and running her tongue along it as she sucked gently. The taste was intoxicating to Tawni who had been dreaming of the day this would happen every night for the last two years. When the brunette reacted under her touch she could feel her desires intensify and she bit down a little harder on her neck. Hoping to leave a mark.

Sonny groaned out in pleasure as Tawni started to rock her heated womanhood against her body, and as she felt her kiss down her neck even further to her collarbone which was exposed in the dress she was wearing. Her body shook as those lips lightly pressed against the bone, teasingly. Wanting more, the brunette reached up twisting her fingers in the soft blonde locks of the beautiful girl dragging her head closer. This earned a loud moan of enjoyment from her best friend as she bit down hard on Sonny's collarbone.

"Oh god!" Sonny moaned out, due to her intoxicated state she did not think to hide the moan and many people around them were probably watching. She did not care. She had never been turned on this much in her entire lifetime; she could feel heated wetness forming between her legs.

"From the sound of it, you like it just as much as me." Tawni mumbled against her skin, a playful glint in her eyes.

Sonny whimpered out as the beautiful blonde stopped what she had been doing to speak, she missed the contact. Realizing that her friend was not going to continue until she responded she blushed brightly. "Mmm maybe more so." She replied honestly.

Chuckling against the skin that she had recently tasted caused her breath to hit Sonny's neck and collar making her shiver with need and lust. "Oh, I doubt that. I have wanted this for so long, Sonny." The blonde hoped that she would remember these words in the morning, but with how intoxicated the girl she loved was she doubted she would. That was something that she would worry about then though, not now. Now she had other things on her mind.

The brunette was a bit surprised to hear that her friend had wanted this for such a long time, but she did not get a chance to dwell on these thoughts as she felt those lips she loved latch back onto her collarbone, as perfect manicured fingers wandered below the neckline of her dress. 'Oh my! What is she doing?'

Her internal questioning was answered when she felt those fingers run over her already hardened nipples. Running her thumbs in circles around them Sonny could not hold back her moaning now, as she continued to let out loud moans between gasps of air. Her body was shaking uncontrollably at this point, and wetness was certainly soaking through her dress.

Tawni was now moving down from Sonny's collar, her lips kissing and sucking in every inch of skin on her way down to her destination. To her there was no greater treasure in the world. Well, perhaps one, but that also belonged to this girl that she loved. She wanted to savor every single moment with her. As she reached the hardened nub the blonde ran her tongue against it gently, in a teasing way. Which caused Sonny to shake and let out soft hums signaling she was enjoying it as she twisted the blonde's hair dragging her closer to her breast. The pull of her hair caused Tawni to moan out against the nipple, the vibrations causing the brunette to let out a soft moan.

Tawni sucked the nub between her lips and circled it with her tongue before nibbling on it slightly, enjoying the way that Sonny tasted. She was so sweet it was intoxicating and she wanted so much more.

"Girls! Girls!" A sudden voice said, they both recognized the voice as the bouncer but they ignored it completely, as the dive ran her fingers over Sonny's neglected nipple still sucking on the other. Sonny had not even heard the voice as she continued to groan out in pleasure, no one had ever made her feel this way. She never wanted it to end.

Tawni smiled against the woman of her affection's nipple knowing that Sonny either had been so entranced she had not heard the young man, or that she did not care. Either way she was lost in the pleasure and that boosted the blonde's ego. As much as she wanted to continue the bouncer was now tapping her on the shoulder.

"Can't you see that we are busy?" She finally pulled away snapping at the young man in a very Tawni-like manner. As large as the man was she was not scared of taking him on if he continued to threaten what she wanted most.

"Yes." He laughed to show her that he was not angry. "In fact that is what I need to talk with you about. As much as I was enjoying the scene between the two of you, some patrons are complaining and you need to take this elsewhere."

Tawni squinted her eyes at him, her very selfish and cold attitude returning. The only one who did not have to see this side of her at all times was Sonny. "Oh right, because this is such a prim and proper place? What if she paid me and you got a cut? Then would it be okay?" She growled out before standing to her feet and straightening out her dress.

Sonny looked confused as she quickly pulled her dress back up to conceal herself. Embarrassment filling covering her face as she stood to her feet stumbling a bit in her heels. "I apologize for my friend here. We did not mean too disrupt anyone. Come on Tawn, let's get out of here." These words came out slurred but both the blonde and the bouncer understood them. Then uncharacteristically the brunette grabbed onto Tawni's hand dragging her toward the door slurring "We have some things to finish."

Luckily for the both of them Tawni had had her limo driver take them to the club, so they would not have to worry about driving home under the influence. The blonde could feel her heart racing and the excitement of the night ahead of them in every part of her body as she was pushed into the limo by Sonny who now was kissing her again.


Authors Note: Alright, started a new fic that I hope you all like a lot! :) It will probably be pretty long, as is this chapter. The song shall be in the next chapter. But it will relate I promise!

Please review, I would love to have some feedback. Sorry for Sonny's slight out of characterness it is only the alcohol, she will be same ol Sonny in the next chapter.

Love y'all!

-Tracy Cook
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Re: Can't Be Friends (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:57 pm

O_O; Oh noes, not the coco-moco-coco lip gloss!!!

It's a good thing you called OOC intentionally in the author's note, it felt unsettling to
see Sonny drunk as shit; locking lips with the girl who is not her betrothed. I know Tawni
will get what she wants eventually, but this wasn't the right time or setting for it. Still
I loved reading things from her POV, how she eagerly awaits Sonny to return her affections
in any way possible.


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Chapter 2

Post by TracyCook on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:24 am

Can't Be Friends

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Authors Note: I am kind of upset… My cute fic –'hot closet?' has been getting some gay bashing, as with many of my others. Yet, particularly that one. In which I was informed to "get a life homo". All of my stories are femslash, and if people do have a problem with it, do not read them please? There is nothing you can say to me that I did not already hear growing up in Kansas and attending Catholic school my whole life, I've been informed Hell awaits, so get out of my fictions.

Chapter 2

Can't Be Friends

As Sonny opened her eyes she had to blink a few times to clear them and see the room that she was in, it did not appear to be a room that she had ever seen before. Yet, it did not take that long to realize whose room it was. Perhaps it was the pink walls, but more than likely it was the hundreds of pictures of Tawni that littered those walls. It was worse than at their dressing room and it almost caused the brunette to let out a laugh that she forced herself to keep in for obvious reasons. The last thing she wanted was for the blonde to awaken right now.

Glancing up at the alarm clock on the dresser beside the bed she realized that it was still fairly early, the digital numbers reading 6:12. With this realization came many others. Probably the most important of these being the warm naked body wrapped around her own. Though, Chad and her had awoken on many occasions similar to this she highly doubted it was him holding her.

Maybe it was the fact that she was in Tawni's room, or it could have been the curves of the body behind her that gave it away. She could feel soft breasts pressing against the skin of her back, which was something that Chad certainly did not have. The skin was also far smoother than that of her fiancé. The scent of sweat mixed with chocolate and alcohol filled the entire room, and long blonde hairs tickled her shoulder and upper back.

There was no way to deny it. What little memories she had of the night prior had really happened, and now she was lying in bed completely naked with Tawni Hart.

The worst thing was how comfortable Sonny felt right now, in the arms of her friend. If she was not feeling completely guilty she knew that she could easily snuggle up in those arms and drift into a peaceful sleep. It was a safe feeling. One that she did not necessarily get when being held by her fiancé. The young star had hurt her so many times over the years. They would break up and then get back together over and over and not once was it due to something that she did wrong.

Brown eyes that had slowly shut as she thought snapped open at the weight of her mistake. 'Until now… he never cheated on me… what have I done? Oh my god I can't be here, I have a wedding this weekend!'

Very slowly Sonny moved to get out of the foreign bed, making sure to not bounce the mattress too much or make too much noise. As she slipped from those beautiful arms she gently placed one of Tawni's many pillows in between her arms as a replacement for herself. The alcohol undoubtedly helping in her escape.

Collecting her clothes she threw them on with little noise. The hardest part being when she had to stand on one leg in order to slip on her heels. After she was completely dressed the brunette hurried toward the bedroom door, her heart racing. At this point she had given up on being quiet and instead focused on speed.

Before she reached the door she heard Tawni mumbling in her sleep, which she had found the blonde often did. Usually her mumblings had never been nice things. " you…"

Sonny blushed as she remembered the diva's words last night. 'How long had she wanted this exactly?'

She was dragged out of her curiosity as she watched the blonde shivering on the bed and clinging tightly to the pillow. Sometimes Sonny wished that she was not such a good person, but alas she was and she knew that she could not leave on this note. 'A note! That's good! Oookay, where's a pen?' She thought before glancing around the room.

Brown eyes landed on a pink pen and some paper on the dresser beside the alarm clock and a smile played on her lips as she looked at the pen. Honestly, sometimes she wondered what the blonde's fascination was with the color. Shaking her head she started to write out a note for her friend.

Laying the note beside Tawni on the bed she could not help but allow her eyes to wander the exposed skin of her friend's body. She was perfection. The tan covered every inch of skin and her hair even disheveled looked like it had been placed that way. Sonny blushed as she remembered the previous night and a few flashes of what had happened between the two came to mind. It heat up her body to recall what she had done to the girl lying in bed peacefully now.

Shaking the thoughts, as well as the excitement and guilt from her mind, the brunette reached out in order to lift the covers over the beautiful girl before tracing her fingers gently across Tawni's face.

"Mmm." The diva mumbled as a smile formed on her lips, which seemed to amplify Sonny's guilt.

Hastily she pulled her hand away and turned on her heels running out of the apartment. She had to find Chad and make things back to normal, for all of this had grown far too confusing.


8:39 AM; blurry eyes read on the alarm clock beside her bed. Still slightly dazed she had yet to notice the pillow in her arms was not Sonny, but as she snuggled against it she quickly realized and sat up straight in bed.

Head pounding from the alcohol consumed mixed with sitting up too fast she ignored the pain and still stared at the clock. It was so early. 'Sonny must have snuck out…' The thought caused her stomach to ache and her heart to sink. Tawni had the feeling that her friendship was ruined and that the brunette would hate her now, forever. 'She must hate me.'

As she moved to get out of her bed her hand pushed up against a piece of paper that made a crumpling noise from the weight of her body. Her ears perked up and she quickly lifted the piece of paper to look at it. It was a note. 'From Sonny.'

The blonde could feel her heart racing as her hands shook, she was anxious, almost to the point she did not want to read her friends words. What if they were mean? What if Sonny never wanted to talk to her again?


I am not mad about what happened, but I do need to fix things with Chad. I am marrying him. He is the only one I could see myself growing old with, and the one that I love. I don't know if you will still want to be friends with me after what happened, and I don't blame you. I should not have allowed it to take place…

Please forgive me, and I hope we can still be friends. Over the last three years you really have become my best friend.



Tawni could feel tears welling up in her blue eyes as she read over the letter, it had not been mean. She just had not expected nice words to hurt so much more than mean ones. If Sonny had only said that she hated her than maybe the blonde could move on, maybe it would make things easier, she could leave. No! She wanted to be friends? Friends after what they did? How was she supposed to be the beautiful girls friend after the night they shared.

Maybe to Sonny it was all just a mistake, but to Tawni it had meant the world and more. She had waited for two long years to admit her feelings, and now they were just simply being brushed away. The brunette did not hate her, she did not love her, she just wanted to be friends?

The diva crumpled up the letter in her perfect hand before throwing it on the ground. Now wishing that she had been just a little less sober the night before. She remembered everything.

Sonny and her had made their way out of the limo still kissing passionately, their bodies hot and aching to be exposed. Tawni had shown the brunette she loved to her bed and they had disrobed and taken each other for hours until finally curling up together and falling asleep in safe arms. During the brunette's drunken state she had told the blonde many times that she loved her, but now it was apparent those words were merely friendly.

"Gahh! I hate this! Stupid confusing girl!" Tawni shouted out as she stood to her feet kicking the piece of paper across the carpet. She was so upset.

But, what could she do? Shouldn't she be happy that Sonny still wanted to talk to her after she had confessed her feelings? If she were any normal friend she would have, but she was not. She was Tawni Hart, and she always got the things that she wanted. 'Except when Chad is involved.' Her mind reminded her causing the blonde to shout out once again. "It isn't fair! Why does he always get everything!"

Tawni sifted through her clothes pulling on a pair of purple leggings, and a long shirt which was plenty long enough to cover her 'private areas'. The shirt had a bright yellow floral pattern, pulling a belt around her waist she looked at herself in the mirror. Fixing her makeup and hair, then pulling on her heels, the blonde made her way out of the apartment.

A habit that Tawni had, when upset, was getting in her car and driving as fast as she could. It was dangerous; her mother would tell her she was risking her life doing so. Which, of course her mother only cared about because if she were to die, Tammy would be poor. Wouldn't that just be horrible! She hated her mother, she was just like everyone else in Hollywood. Shallow and heartless despite their last name. She had raised her to be that way. "Yet Sonny had to go and ruin that too!"

Climbing into her convertible she checked the rearview mirror; something that Sonny had taught her to do, and pulled out of the parking lot.

Speeding down the street she did not care if the police stopped her right now. Tears continued to threaten her eyes and she bit down on her bottom lip angrily trying to stop them from falling. The blonde was a strong girl and she would cry for no one!

Reaching out she pressed the button turning on her radio, music blared throughout the car. The end of a popular song was playing through its last notes. Tawni hated that she felt defeated, that she felt like she was about to lose the only person who had ever given a damn about her to someone who did not even love Sonny like she could. She most of all hated herself for allowing all of this to happen.

The next song started to play and Tawni turned it up to its fullest. It had been a song that she used to love, but now as she listened she realized that it reminded her of Sonny. Who was she kidding everything had for the last two years, but this reminded her of what happened last night.

Look what this girl done did to me…

She done cut me off from a good good love…

She told me that those days were gone.

Tawni could feel the tears starting to fall down her cheeks as she listened to the song and related it to the night before. How Sonny wanted to just throw away what they did like it was nothing and pretend to just be friends. The brunette still planned to marry Chad because he was the only one she could see herself with. The only one? How could that be when she had just made love with her the night before? Drunk or not there had been feelings there. She knew it.

Now I'm sitting here going half crazy.

Cause I know she still thinks about me too.

And there aint no way in hell…

That I can be just friends with you.

The blonde had started to sing out the song as she drove, every once in a while she would reach up her hand to wipe away the tears that fell. They made her angry and on a few occasions she had actually slapped the skin where they fell. She felt so weak! She never felt weak!

And I wish we never did it…

And I wish we never loved it…

And I wish I never fell so deep in love with you.

And now there aint no way that we can be friends.

She knew that she should stop driving, she could not even see the road anymore. Her vision blurred by salty tears of shame. When a car swerved out of her way she knew that she could not continue driving so recklessly. Slamming her manicured hand down on the wheel she pulled off on the side of the road.

The way you felt, no faking it…

Maybe we were moving just a little too fast…

But what we've done we can't take it back.

Laying her head against the wheel Tawni cried out. These weren't the fake cries and sobs that she was so notorious for, these were real tears. All of the pain that she carried over her lifetime, the loneliness that she felt. The emptiness. All she wanted right now was Sonny and she could not have her. 'Wait? Why can't I have her? She isn't married yet!'

And if I knew we'd end like this,

I never would of kissed you.

Cause I fell in love with you.

We never would of kicked it,

Girl now everything is different.

I lost my only lover and my friend,

Smiling she wiped the last of the tears from her flush cheeks and looked up at the 'makeup mirror,' her blue eyes puffy and her makeup running. "Waterproof my ass." Tawni mumbled in a whiney and shaky voice before laughing at herself and wiping off her nose. "I look pathetic… this is not Tawni Hart.

That's why I wish we never did it.

I wish we never loved it.

And I wish I never fell so deep in love with you.

And now there aint no way that we can be friends.

Tawni Hart has never given up! What am I going to solve crying on the side of the road? She is not married yet! I still have a chance! "I will get the girl of my dreams." She said before turning the key in the car to start it, new confidence behind puffy blue eyes.


Authors Note: Next chapter up! Posted the song in it, hope that the correlation between the song and the fic makes sense. Sorry if my writing is off. My novel I am working on is in first person and my fics are in third person so the change always throws me off. But I hope this did not disappoint.

Even I'm rooting for Tawni right now!

Reviews= Love

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Re: Can't Be Friends (Sonny With A Chance) Tawni/Sonny

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