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Five Things & Sibling Bonding551

Five Things & Sibling Bonding

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Five Things & Sibling Bonding

Post by Konaxookami on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:38 pm

Two small things about Kaito and Keiki that popped out of nowhere even though I'm trying to finish LIKE SIX OTHER EFFIN' PIECES. UGH. Anyways. Both of these are outside of Kaito-HiME so I guess that automatically makes them happier than most of the things that I write about Kaito. xD So-here they are.

'Five Things about Kaito Most People Dont Know' or "Five Things'

There were Five things about Kaito Kuga-Fujino that the normal student didn’t know. Oh yes, when it came to who the Kaichou of Fuuka Gakuen really was, most people had no clue. Only those who knew him well could really say for sure who he was.

1. Kaito dislikes when people are blatant liars. Michiko noticed this during a exceptionally long student council meeting. It was a trial hearing for a few delinquents who had been roughing up some middle schoolers. Michiko could notice the slight downward curl of his lips as he watched the three boys bather on and on how they hadn’t done it and how they were being wrongly accused of what had happened. Michiko could noticed the disdain in the ruddy eyes and past the calm mask she saw how disgusted he was with the boys. The girls may think that Kaito was a devil may care boy who lied all the time, but the teen couldn’t stand people who thought they could lie their way through anything.

2. Kaito was actually a really observant guy. Kanaye noticed it one afternoon when they were walking towards the café and saw a kid most of the school knew was gay being cornered by two well known bullies. Kanaye didn’t stop to say a word, but Kaito did step in. He did more than step in. Kanaye saw the icy glare he sent the two and roughly shoved one of them aside from the boy and told the boy to get to class in the calmest voice he could. Hell, those two bullies? Both of them stood at least half a foot over Kaito-but both scurried away like mice. People thought Kaito didn’t care what happened to the minority of homosexuals in the school-but in reality the boy was always looking out for them, because he knew what it was like to be picked on for being different.

3. Kaito had a nasty temper. Keiki saw it for the first time in her fourth year of elementary school. It was outside of class. Kaito was waiting for her to get out and walk her home like he always had, but she was running late today since she had clean up duty. Apparently from what she had heard from Michiko, some boys were tossing around insults about their parents and how they were going to raise another dyke in her. When she turned the corner to the entrance gate, she saw Kaito grabbing one of them by the collar and warning him in one of the scariest voices he could muster to mind his own business and stop spouting lies. What people saw in Kaito was a calm mediator, but in reality if one was able to dig deep enough to his personal life, they would quickly find themselves getting the rough edge of a VERY sharp tongue.

4. Kaito was a defensive older brother. Shizuru didn’t even bother counting the times her son would come home early to get cleaned up before he went to go get Keiki from school. The bruises and cuts spoke louder than words. He had heard people talking about Keiki again and had taken matters into his own hands. Those defiant eyes that she noticed when she reprimanded him told her he would do it again. The days had dwindled to a stop as he finished middle school and proclaimed ‘He didn’t need to get in fights anymore’ and Shizuru knew it meant he had taken care of all the bullies in the school. Kaito was defensive of his family, and protected his sister from the harsh words that people seemed to always have in store for their family.

5. Kaito wasn’t actually a player. Leon had always hated how the kaichou attracted so many girls and seemed to command them with a smirk or a single word. It frustrated him that he was such a ladies’ man when he had a girl who genuinely cared about him and wanted to be with him! He was proven wrong one day when he happened to be passing by the student council room and he caught Kaito and Michiko sitting across from one another at the president’s desk. There was such a open look on Kaito’s face-such a different look than the one he showed to the girls who fawned over him. This was the small quirk in the lips that no one else saw, the odd look in those normally so teasing eyes, this look of…contentment. Kaito may have been popular with the ladies but that didn’t mean he treated them the same way he treated those he really loved.

(Five Things was really just something that popped into my head after a while-some things about Kaito that I don't think really show in his character most time since he's such an ANGST BUCKET are that he really is a good brother and friend, and actually a nice guy-but don't tell him that to his face or he may punch you. xD )

'How to Calm Down Your Hormonally Challenged Little Sister' or 'Sibling Bonding'

Kaito was lounging in his room when he heard the door open and slam distantly in the front of the house. He blinked, looking up briefly from his magazine, then looked back down at the writing again as he heard stomping heading towards his door. He sighed as he heard the rapping at the door. “Alright, alright…Come in,” he called, tossing his magazine aside and watched as his scowling sister walked into the room.

He didn’t even raise an eyebrow as she unceremoniously plopped onto his reading chair and crossed her arms with a huff. He watched her for a moment and leant back against the wall behind his bed and looked to her again.

“Boys are stupid?” he questioned, nonchalant.



“Boys are dumbasses.” Came the sharp and obviously angry reply. Keiki huffed again as Kaito chuckled.

“Wow, we’ve grown up-using swear words nao…Who was it?” he asked, reaching over the end of his bed and under it to grab an oblong case and pulled it out with a grunt.

“No one important. I didn’t even really like him” Keiki answered glumly, “Just…the way he was acting was so infuriating!” she exclaimed, fiddling with the end of her uniform shirt.

“Uh huh,” Kaito nodded to show her he was listening, and pulled what was stored in the case out, “Did you try to confess or something? Or was it something he said out of class?” he questioned, running a hand down the neck of the object, fiddling with some knobs on top.

“No. It’s just…the girls, we were talking about some stupid stuff about how cute the boys were in the school. A sort of ranking system…You were one of the top five by the way,” a stray snicker floated to Keiki’s seat and she continued, “But anyways-I said how I thought he may be dateable, you know, cute enough, smart enough, and he goes and starts saying how I’m not dateable because of me being stubborn, or weird, or not pretty enough!” Keiki curled her legs into her chest and wrapped her arms around them, “It was just awful.”

A few moments of silence and then a chord was strummed. Kaito held his guitar loosely in his hands and leant against the wall, plucking at the strings lightly, “I see…” he mused, glancing at his sister through the corner of his eyes, “Well, you are stubborn, I’ll say that much. But no more stubborn than me or Mom are,” he granted, strumming a bit more confidently at the strings.

“It’s just…why are guys so mean? Do they get some sort of satisfaction out of making girls miserable?” Keiki grumbled, closing her eyes and heaving a sigh. “It’s just stupid…”

“Yeah well, I really couldn’t say. I mean…I like teasing girls, but I don’t ever do it out of spite or anything,” the brunette answered, the melody he was playing growing a bit softer again.

A snort. “You’re Shizuru-kaa-san’s son. Of course you like to tease girls,” Keiki pointed out, a bit of amusement in her voice.

“True, true. Still though, most times it’s because they’re just awful people to begin with or they’re just insecure and immature,” he looked at his younger sister, meeting her clear blue eyes with murky red ones and grinned, “Though I still think you guys are all way too young to be thinking about dating. You aren’t ready for it yet,” he got the reply he thought he would, a tongue protruding his sister’s lips and her closing her eyes again.

They remained in silence for quite some time, Kaito’s guitar the only sound in the room. It was always this way between them. Fuuka Academy had a requirement for the students to participate in a club, school team, or job after school to ensure they kept out of trouble, and before Kaito joined the student council he had been part of the Music club. He had learned to play the guitar-acoustic at first, then electric since it was so different from all the other instruments they had in the school. So interesting. Hus when Kaito would practice at home Keiki would listen, sometimes humming along, creating lyrics that the music didn’t need in her head. It was the silent bonding the two had always seemed best at when they were younger. Even nao when Keiki was almost a high school student, whenever she was upset Kaito would play his guitar to help soothe her nerves-he was far better at playing than trying to relate to a young teenage girl in words. No, he left that for their mothers and Michiko. They were far better at it than him. But this? This he could do.

“You know I’m going to have to meet him,” Kaito probed, breaking the silence after a stretch of time. Keiki’s eyes blinked open in confusion, “The boy you decide to actually stick with. Or date, or whatever. I have to approve of him first,” he warned, a smile on his face. Keiki flushed and stuck her tongue out at him and giggled.

“At that rate I’ll be single for my whole life!” she proclaimed, only mildly annoyed by the prospect.

“Oh see that’s the point though. It’s in my opinion that none of the guys here in Fuuka are worth your attention. None of them. So you’re better off quitting while you can. You’ll have quite the chore finding someone both me and Mom approve of,” Kaito returned, a light laugh leaving his mouth as he turned back to the strings and the fret board.

Keiki huffed and stood, “Well, if you seem to think it’s impossible I’ll just have to prove you wrong!” she insisted, “I’ll find a guy who’ll knock your socks off-just you watch,” she promised. She blinked, hearing the front door open and went to the entrance of Kaito’s room, “Just you wait!” she promised one last time before fleeing to her room.

Kaito snickered again, strumming away on the guitar with a light smile, “Good Luck with that Kei. Cause it’s never gonna happen.” He mused to himself shaking his head.

“Ara? What will never happen?” Kaito looked up to see his brunette mother with a bemused smile on her face, leaning in his doorway.

“Oh. Okaeri kaa-san,” Kaito greeted calmly, “Keiki getting a boyfriend. A boyfriend that both Mom and I approve of. It’ll never happen. Not while she’s in Fuuka Academy at least,” he informed, enjoying the small laugh he got in return.

“Ara, that does indeed seem to be quite the challenge for her…Poor Keiki…Does she realize you’ll say no to everyone anyways? Even if he is a good boy?” Shizuru questioned, watching as her only son’s smirk grew.

“Aww No. But don’t tell her that. She’ll get discouraged,” he warned, and laughed a bit more, “She doesn’t know that all boys are bad. Very bad. They all think terribly perverted thoughts at one point or another-so I figure I’ll just send ‘em all away. Better safe than sorry,”

“Ara, ara…You and Natsuki are far too alike for comfort. With the two of you around, Keiki’s never going to get a date in high school!” she exclaimed, no real worry in her voice, only amusement.

“Well, that’s the point. Gotta protect my little sis while I still can, and as long as I can help it, there’s gonna be no guy who’s gonna break her heart. Not on my watch,” he vowed, his fingers stilling on the strings.

“Well, keep up the good work Kaito, and be sure to get your homework done,” Shizuru cheered, chuckling a bit at her son before leaving him alone.

There was a small laugh, and the grin was back in place. Then the guitar strings were plucked again, and it was all good.

(I get the feeling that if Keiki brought a boy home he'd be scared for his life. Between Kaito-the overprotective brother- and Natsuki-who I figure is like a 'shotgun' dad- he'd be too scared to touch Keiki. And that's just the way that the two Kugas want it. xD Depite that-Kai's got good intentions-and even though he's teasing his sister, he's looking out for her, and doesn't get mad at her even though she's annoyed and intruding on his 'me time' xD I decided Kai plays the Guitar because he's actually not as musically challenged as his mother (Though I don't think she's as musically challenged as she makes herself seem) and he seems like the guitar playing guy. xD Likewise in the way that Leon plays the Cello. It suits him. And if Kanaye played an instrument it'd have to be drums. Michiko though...maybe Violin? or Flute-one of those would suit her well I think. Keiki just sings, so that's that. But Shika (who I've yet to actually write about) plays piano. xD So they all play instruments, or could if they wanted too. But that's off topic. xD Adn that's the end of this rambling too.)

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Re: Five Things & Sibling Bonding

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:48 pm

Haven't read the story yet, although I did read the entire 'Five Things about Kaito Most People Dont Know' or "Five Things' section. These help understand the characters more, especially since they're Mai-Originals. :) I do have a question about the last sentences in bold, are they to show relevance to the current plot or are they simply the most important facts about Kaito?


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Re: Five Things & Sibling Bonding

Post by Konaxookami on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:47 pm

Luu Sky Sapphire wrote:I do have a question about the last sentences in bold, are they to show relevance to the current plot or are they simply the most important facts about Kaito?

They're supposed to be the point of the paragraph-xD Or the big fact that people didn't know. I supose they could be plot relevant too-the one about how he acts with Michiko-the Lying one, and the protective ones are all Kaito-HiME Relevant-but the rest are just some fun facts that I thought of about Kai that I figured I should write down-since they play a big part in his character.

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Pearl Otome

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Re: Five Things & Sibling Bonding

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