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Re: Mai-HiME Destiny Forum

Post by The Fire Stirring Ruby on Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:21 am

Luu Sky Sapphire wrote:That's what Deppy is starting to suspect, too. The light novels and audio dramas tell one complete story.

I don't exactly have a trusted source, but I have read somewhere in a very old forum that the Destiny audio dramas have given justice (I think) to Mai Tokiha.

Although the audio drama may be a spin-off to the light novels, it still sticks to the plot for the most part. They may have omitted some chunks from the novels -- the part where Soryuu basically coerces Shion and the academy to submit to its demands, meeting Arika doing a one man-super sentai show, the revelation that Akane is the head of the Suzaku Association -- but I think it's a wonderful story in its own right.
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