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To Make You Happy- fic

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To Make You Happy- fic

Post by Kara on Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:36 pm

Please note: I wrote this story originally about us, so it will seem a bit out of character. Just know, Nao=Me, Shizuru=Shelley, Mai=Katie, Reito=Billy, Kenzie=Yukino, and Mikoto=Jack.

I changed the names because I wanted to see how easy I could write a story and then flip it and make a fanfiction. It works, yet it makes little sense and it may not be as funny as me and Katie and Shelley thought it was last night. I got the idea because we were watching Barbie Princess while babysitting last night. Also note that FAGISHA is Katie's slave name, I kept that in there.


Under the rule of Queen Seako and King Takashi, there lived a princess named, Nao. Her lady in waiting, Shizuru, was the daughter of the Queen's lady in waiting, Yuki. Her brother, Prince Reito, was the quiet type, he spent much of his time outside sword fighting and hunting. She also had a younger sister, Princess Yukino...but no one ever heard much about her. And her youngest sibling, Princess Mikoto, only two years of age, but was most violent.

Nao had many servants, but there was one in particular that she and her lady in waiting loved to bother. Her birth name was Mai, but Natsuki and Nao had cleverly dubbed her, Fagisha. Fagisha was years source of entertainment for the princess and her lady in waiting. They spent much of their time thinking of new and clever ways to annoy the lowly servant.

However, as of recent, their plans had come to a staggering halt. Fagisha was becoming more and more tolerant to their pranks. Just last week, the two girls had placed sleeping spiders in Fagisha's shoes so that when she stuck her feet in them, hundreds of angry little spiders crawled onto her legs and began devouring her flesh. The girls thought it was an ingenius! And truly it was, who wouldn't be irritated to find the skin on their legs was eaten by spiders! But Fagisha didn't even bat an eye, she simply sighed with glee, swiped at her legs and went out without shoes.

Shizuru and Nao looked at eachother in confusion. What was going on? Why did she look so happy? Was she starting to enjoy their pranks?

No. That just would not do. The pranks were for them to enjoy and for her to hate and to cry herself to sleep over.

One night, Nao and Shizuru stayed up late to think of a great plan to annoy her.

"So you know the plan, right?" Nao asked after they had finished discussing it.

Shizuru smiled, supressing a laugh, "Yup."

"Repeat it to me." Nao demanded.

"Why! I just told you I know!" The lady in waiting exclaimed.

The princess sighed, "You have a way of changing the plan."

Shizuru scoffed and rolled her eyes, "When have I ever done that?"

"That time the plan called for swords, you brought me elephants. And the other time that plan called for toads, you got homeless people. And the other time when I told you to go find Fagisha and bring her to me, you went to the bakery and bought yourself a cake and then tried to give that to me, pretending Fagisha turned into a cake and that we should eat her to really annoy he-" Nao was cut off by Shizuru.

"Okay! OKAY. GOD, WAY TO BE TECHNICAL." Shizuru yelled, getting annoyed.

Nao shrugged, "So tell me the plan."

The brunette sighed, "Okay, so, we dress like hobos and make friends with her, then we follow her around and ask her questions all day, then when she's not looking, steal her daily earning, take off our costumes and then throw her money in the lake!" She explained.

"Alright, now that you know: Stick to it! We'll meet in the courtyard at noon tommorrow, I'll get the costumes, you just...get there." Nao proclaimed, to which Shizuru nodded.

The next day at noon, the girls met and donned the hobo costumes. They ran to the servant area to look for Fagisha. Once they found her, the two inconspicously walked up to her. Nao tapped her on the shoulder to catch her attention.

"Hm?" The servant sounded, turning around with a foreign smile on her face.

"HELLO LITTLE GIRL, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE OUR FRIEND???" Shizuru asked loudly, obviously trying to hide her laughter. Her acting skills needed some work.

" really..." Fagisha said a little freaked out.
"TOO BAD." Shizuru exclaimed with a smile as she grabbed Fagisha by the arm and dragged her down the street.

Nao followed behind quickly, wondering what Shizuru was going to throw in the plan last minute like she always did. The three stopped outside a butcher shop. Shizuru roughly threw Fagisha in the store, "Time for a make over at the beauty shop!" She yelled happily.

Nao, who didn't really want to see what horrors were going to take place. Giving Shizuru any kind of utensils that close to your face was never good. God forbid she was trying to cut your hair, she'd start laughing and slice your neck open! The princess crossed her arms in impatience, what could be taking so long? This was a butcher shop, was Shizuru murdering the servant?

Finally, the door slammed open, breaking her out of her reverie. Shizuru came out followed by Fagisha, looking as hideous as ever. Nao had to supress a scream.

Shizuru was giddy with excitement, she whipped a mirror out of nowhere and shoved it in Fagisha's face. "Look how pretty I made you!"

Then, Fagisha did something she never had before...She started sobbing!!

"What the fuck is she doing, Shizuru?" Nao asked in bewilderment.

Shizuru tilted her head, "I don't know...but it sounds annoying. You think she's annoyed?"

Nao nodded, "I think so..."

"I HATE YOU BOTH! NOW TATE WILL NEVER LOVE ME!!!!" Fagisha howled as tears ran down her hideous face.

Shizuru and Nao looked at eachother, "Tate?" They said in unison.

They didn't get a reply, only the horrid sounds of her sobs.

Slowly, the two stepped away in slight fear of the noises emitting from the girl.

That night, Shizuru and Nao met again to discuss Fagisha.

"That was so weird, what were those noises? And who's Tate?" Nao pondered out loud.

Shizuru shrugged, "Dunno, but he seems important to her."

Nao nodded, "Yeah.."

The two girls fell into a self-reflecting silence. Maybe they were coming to understand that the girl they so tortured everyday, the one they dubbed, Fagisha, was just a human with fragile feelings. Maybe they were coming to an understanding that Fagisha, or Mai, was just another girl, an ordinary, shy little girl who was looking for a friend and instead found two tormenters. Maybe they--

"Let's kill Tate." Shizuru suggested out of thin air.

Nao blinked once, then blinked again. "Uhm...That's a good idea, but we don't know WHICH Tate it is."

Shizuru shrugged, "Let's just kill all the Tates, and then we'll bring the corpses to her as a gift."

Nao smiled, "Yeah!"

So throughout the next few days, they carried out their secret plan with precision and stealth. Soon, they had gathered all the Tates within a four-hundred mile radius. Before the death of all of them, Nao and Shizuru shouted, "YOU ARE DYING IN THE NAME OF FAGISHA!!"

They took all the dead bodies and threw them in the basement of Nao's palace. While gathering the last two Tates, they wondered how they were going to set them up so that Fagisha could see.

When they got to the basement, they got a shock when they found all the dead bodies set up at pretty tables, all with teacups and little cakes in front of them. They looked around until they caught the eye of a little girl with brown hair, sitting at one of the tables, lightly sipping at her tea.

"Oh...hello guys....would you like to join me and my friends?" The little girl asked in a very creepy manner.

"Hi, Yukino!" Shizuru called.

Nao made a face, "GET OUT!" The princess shouted.

Yukino rolled her eyes as she got up, "Whatever, I have to go find some zombies anyway. C'mon Mikoto."

Out of nowhere, a little girl ran out from under the table, holding one of the Tates' leg. She chewed on it a bit before following Yukino out the door.

As Yukino and Mikoto made their exit, Reito made his entrance. Without a word, he observed the scene then went about his business as he rummaged through a chest, supposedly looking for some hunting gear. Once he found the item he had been looking for, he walked to the door without a word. Right before he left, he asked a question.

"Why are there dead people in here?"

"Because we killed them." Nao informed.

"Any particular reason?" He asked.

"They were named Tate." Shizuru exclaimed happily.

Reito nodded casually and then continued on his way.
The girls set up the last of the Tates and then ran to get Fagisha. They ripped her away from her work and dragged her into the basement.

"TA DAAAA!!" Shizuru shouted as she revealed their project to her.

Fagisha's face contorted in confusion and disgust. "Uhm. What am I looking at?"

"All the Tates we could find." Nao told her.

"Wha-" Fagisha started with dis-interest until she spotted a familiar face among the many dead Tates. She let a shrill, ear piercing scream. "YOU KILLED HIM!!!"

Shizuru shrugged, "Yeah, we killed all of them."

"WHY!??!" Fagisha shrieked.

"We wanted to make you happy!" Shizuru yelled. "Because you're always so angry!"


"Well, bitch, see if we ever try to make you happy ever a-Komugiraffe-gain!!" Nao exclaimed.

Then Shizuru and Nao stormed out of the stinky, dead-body-smelling basement in a huff.



I wrote this piece of shit on wordpad, that spell check and no thesauraus! :(

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Re: To Make You Happy- fic

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:40 pm

Kara wrote:

"Let's kill Tate." Shizuru suggested out of thin air.

Nao blinked once, then blinked again. "Uhm...That's a good idea, but we don't know WHICH Tate it is."

Shizuru shrugged, "Let's just kill all the Tates, and then we'll bring the corpses to her as a gift."

Nao smiled, "Yeah!"

HHAHAHAHAHAH XD Ah, everything made me laugh xD


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Re: To Make You Happy- fic

Post by Kara on Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:57 pm

Hahaha, good! Last night when I showed it to Katie, she literally pissed her pants a little reading it haha

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Re: To Make You Happy- fic

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