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Unintentionally spreading the anime/manga love...

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Unintentionally spreading the anime/manga love...

Post by Kicchu on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:50 pm

Has anyone ever gotten people into anime or anime fans into certain series' without even meaning to or realizing it? I did recently and I thought it could be an interesting discussion...

So I was talking to one of my IRL friends on facebook one day and I mention that I'm really not that perverted and the worst it gets with me is usually my Gaia avatar on occasion. I then sent her the link to my Gaia profile, which also happened to have an Aoi Hana AMV in my media area. A day or two later, I get a notice that she's posted something on my wall:

So...I totally watched Aoi Hana...because I saw a video on the site you showed me...

You made me watch anime without even trying...That is skill right there. I think you are allowed to suggest other such shows to my person now. You have earned the right. Haha

It was a huge surprise to me since she told me that she didn't even like watching anime series' since they're kind of long for her(even the short ones). She likes animated films such as Hayao Miyazaki and she watched Mushishi before, but that's generally it. After finding out that Aoi Hana had a manga, she started reading it too, making it her first manga ever! XD I also suggested her Sasameki Koto and Girlfriends. I know she finished Sasameki Koto and really liked it, too, but I don't know if she's read Girlfriends yet. ^^;

I still wish she would have sent me a message instead of posting it on my wall though... My shoujo-ai/yuri fangirlism was mostly my secret little pleasure that only my cousin and nephew knew about. <.<;;

I've gotten other people into certain anime/manga before as well without even trying, but none of them was quite as big as this one. Hahah. XD

So does anyone else have a story to share? x3

HiME Ranger
HiME Ranger

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Re: Unintentionally spreading the anime/manga love...

Post by Midori Sugiura99 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:42 pm

This has sorta happened to me on a few occasions. For example, the end of 2008, I was watching Shugo Chara on my computer and my then girlfriend, Jenn, was looking over my shoulder and asked what it was. I told her, but she never actually watched it with me. Then one day a few weeks later she was totally OMGZSQUEE about it and its one of her favorite series now. Same happened with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. I had no intention of getting her into these things, she did it all on her own when she saw me watching them.

Same's happened in reverse too. Nana being one of those series. Although I never finished it, I found myself watching it and enjoying it when I saw Jenn watching it. I've gotten into a few series like that I wouldn't have thought of watching on my own.

Midori Sugiura99
Asami Hikaru aka Komu
Asami Hikaru aka Komu

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Re: Unintentionally spreading the anime/manga love...

Post by SpiderNeKoHiME on Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:06 pm

i got my college friends into anything i watched the dorm room
-thinks- like angelic layer, noir and najica blitz tactics :3
Vicky's is right, i guess these things just happen on their own : o

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Re: Unintentionally spreading the anime/manga love...

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:04 pm

I've always believed one should never force or urge someone into an anime. Like...


If anyone knew me, I'm kinda selfish with the anime/manga titles I love. You'd have to be a extremely special person for me to share my interests with. Like Midori-sama. ^_^ I got her into Mai HiME, Mai Otome and soon (with luck), Simoun. When my friends got into anime because of me, it's mainly aimed at the fact that they noticed the potential in the series. Just as I did. Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Noir, Slayers, Utena, HiME, Love Hina...the list goes on. Maybe I just have good taste in anime/manga or perhaps I just got lucky. All I know is that a spark lit for my friends who got into whatever I like and it didn't take any sort of effort on my part. These are legendary stories that draw in their own crowd as soon as they give it a try.

I guess I could be held responsible for spreading the fandom since I want to express my love for each series in some way. My love. Anyone else that catches on just happens to be in luck, because I believe what I enjoy is top quality. Heck, what you three girls enjoy is top quality too. There goes that luck again? We just have great taste. Wink


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Luu Sky Sapphire
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Re: Unintentionally spreading the anime/manga love...

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