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Post by Zero Crimson Sky on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:06 pm

Hiiiiiiiiiiii ok soo I my not have posted anything in many years but since I live in UK i wanted to share ome news for all the MAI fans!! Sooo first of I hope everyone has a great xmas this year second When i went to my local forbidden planet store (great place for an anime geek like me) and I had a chat to the guy who sold me the my hime dvd boxset by BEEZ entertainment (sadly been out of business for years) and i said thanks as it was the last few they had at the time ,, and here I am in the store years later at the staff said oh did yeah hear looks like our store is due in new my hime and otome merchandise. I was spechless I thought i would never see the day when mai products would ship to the UK again ,,,,,,after that the staff gived me a site to visit and am not gonna lies guyss when I saw otome hime BLU RAYS 0_O safe to say where my moneys going after xmas:) am still shock I remember watching these shows sooooo much and years ago I got the Dvds of hime and otome BUT NOW I CAN GET TO SEE THIS ANIME AGAIN IN BLU RAY(fanboy screams) last thing to say did you guys already know about this?? Whats ya thoughts me am hyped with an added bonus to watch zwei and sifr in blu ray as well BRO was great news I just had to share :) PEACE GUYS!!!
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