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Re-watching the Mai-Series! :3

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Re-watching the Mai-Series! :3

Post by ShadowMikoto on Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:49 am

Well about five days ago I started re-watching through Mai-HiME, and plan to do all of Mai-Otome as well right after! I'm going through it like I do "traditionally" 4 episodes per disc per day. Before going to work today I only had time for Episode 17, but was able to do 18-20 upon returning from work. Gotta say, Episode 20 had a lot of action in it!

It scared me ... literally scared me when Mai got pissed off the way she did at Mikoto. I understand that the one closest to the HiME that gets her Child killed dies,
and such was the fate of Takumi in this episode,
but seeing Mikoto's confused face after Mai turned from Takumi's disappearance really made me relate with how she was feeling. I mean initially it was that Black Bird Child that Mikoto saw in the forest that she wanted to fight but in the heat of the moment she reverted her attention to Akira's Child and ended up causing Mai's Wrath to just explode all over her! DX

For some reason this Episode, and the one before it, because that's when Mai starts getting mad at Mikoto, and wants to be left alone, really hurts me. I don't like seeing Mai and Mikoto fight for an instant, it's always been that way for me. One of the biggest emphasis for me when it comes to Mai-HiME is all the friendships that are in it. Takumi and Akira, Haruka and Yukino, Shizuru and Natsuki, etc. Hearing Mikoto say that Mai was now her enemy because she was attacking her really made me feel heavy inside. It reminds me that so much can be taken away, so it's important to always appreciate what is there.  Happy

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