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Higurashi Onikakushi-hen discussion

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Higurashi Onikakushi-hen discussion

Post by Kiyohime8 on Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:09 am

I'm back I've been binge watching Higurashi and Umineko. This thread will be discussing Onikakushi-hen and Legend of the golden witch!! kawaiidesuplz kawaiidesuplz Omochikaeri!!

Fuuka Academy Student
Fuuka Academy Student

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Re: Higurashi Onikakushi-hen discussion

Post by Lerena on Thu Aug 13, 2015 6:51 pm

Higurashi and Umineko are two of my favorite series of all time. It has been a while since I watched these series, but the traces of how they've inspired my writing are still present in my characterization.

Mion's club activities are one of my favorite parts of the series. Onikakushi is one of my favorite arcs as well. Since it's the first arc, I should re-watch the first couple of episodes and see what I can talk about that's not overly spoiler-ish.

Umineko is another series I like, but I hear the visual novel is better. Still, regardless, it also inspired me even from just the content in the anime series.

I'll be back for a proper response later, but I am definitely up for discussing these series.

The Solitary Slytherin Duelist
The Solitary Slytherin Duelist

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Re: Higurashi Onikakushi-hen discussion

Post by firesphere306 on Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:53 pm

I've only watched the first two seasons of Higurashi. I loved the first season because it was different from most shows I watched. I have a soft spot for horror anime's and this is one of the ones I really liked. Mion and Shion were great, both of their arc's and stories were should I say.....CRAZY! Loved them though. Rena was my favorite though. The end of season one was probably my favorite moment of her.

I never gave the other show I try though. I didn't like the second season and kind of fell out of it show quickly.


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Pearl Otome
Pearl Otome

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Re: Higurashi Onikakushi-hen discussion

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