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S.ifr Okuzaki?

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S.ifr Okuzaki?

Post by LyriumEidolon on Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:00 pm

Just watched S.ifr, and I have to ask: did anyone else spot Okuzaki in the second episode? Here I'm thinking when I heard his name: is he related to Akira Okuzaki from the main Otome series, what is he doing outside Zipang and doesn't his assistant's hairstyle seem familiar?

Seriously, I can't help but think he's related to Akira in some way. Akira

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Re: S.ifr Okuzaki?

Post by Luu Sky Sapphire on Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:25 pm

Outside of being a pervert and greedy for gold, Old Man Okuzaki is a source of information. He pretty much tipped Bruce off, but you didn't hear it from him! Wink It fit with Zipang's lack of allegiance to any sides, but does lean towards the right one.

His lovely young assistant also resembles Akira Okuzaki. I'm guessing her mother or grandmother. She looks about a decade younger than Maria Graceburt, so it could be the former.


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