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More Than That (Ace Attorney-Fradrian)

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More Than That (Ace Attorney-Fradrian)

Post by Konaxookami on Sat May 03, 2014 9:58 pm

I play Ace Attorney and these two scream gay to the highest level and I just NEEDED to write something-anything really for these two. It's really short but it's content, not length???? I dunno-ENJOY IT I GUESS.
When Adrian Andrew takes off her shirt the curtain of her hair covers the back of her neck. Her hand flutters to the front of her neck, pale fingers smoothing over the column of flesh. Franziska watches her silently. She sees Adrian swallow, her throat moving ever so slowly as she tries to physically swallow the fear. She casts her eyes anywhere but Franziska’s face and she brings her other hand to brush her hair back behind her shoulder.

Franziska peels her gloves off carefully, placing them to the side ever so quietly. She reaches forward for Adrian’s hand and her fingers wrap around Adrian’s wrist. She murmurs something in German, her voice low and sure. Adrian’s eyes flicker upwards and she locks eyes with the young prosecutor. Her fingers falter around her neck and Franziska slowly guides her hand down to her side.

Franziska inhales a measured breath as she stares at the red line around Adrian’s neck. A rough and indented pattern. An attempt that failed. Franziska’s blood used to run cold at the sight of the marks, but now-

Her lips move slowly to press a feather light kiss to the marks. A sudden inhalation of breath causes her to still her lips, but after a moment Adrian’s shoulders go slack and Franziska’s arms curl around her waist. She presses another, and then another, and another kiss to the line around Adrian’s neck until the woman is sobbing quietly. Franziska holds her close and mutters soft words into her ears until the crying subsides. She brings a hand to Adrian’s neck, gentle and light, and runs her fingers across the mark.

“You are far more than the line around your neck, Adrian Andrews.”

Adrian’s eyes widen and Franziska is sure the tears are about to come anew. Instead she is instead kissed senseless, and that is far better.
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