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Theory: Strike Witches and Feminism

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Theory: Strike Witches and Feminism

Post by midori's crazy398 on Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:53 am

Hey ya'll. I decided to post this after joking and about how all the women in SW might as well be the men after submitting my top ten favorite anime guys so far. While I joked about it at the time, I do think its very true (Though I do admit TV Tropes is what got me in agreement). You see, despite the no-pants fanservice action that has become the hallmark of the franchise, the idea of women being free to go around in their tighty whities just like most guys can around their homes without usually being criticized or not wearing any shirts without being told to put something on in real life, might as well be something out of a hardcore feminist's wet dream. Not only that, but in the franchise's many forms, not ONCE are any of the witches or civilian women who adopt their style ogled by men, made fun of, degraded, or treated as whores/strippers. The guys could care less that the underwear is out there. Instead they seek to get rid of and be mad at the witches because of how insanely powerful they are in comparison to the average joe. And again, going back to witches being the real men, who is it that always gets the job done? Who is it thats always getting called on when the battle is impossible for the "mighty and all powerful" men to handle? Who is it thats getting decorated and respected, treated like the saviors  that they rightfully are in this context? The witches are, the WOMEN are. As a result, some men (great example being Trevor Malory at the end of the anime's season 1) are jealous and want to overthrow the women, to suppress them and make them reliant on men and their ideas to fight once more. Because of their powerful position and acceptance in society, witches, women, are allowed to be just as equal as men when it comes to being more free with what they wear. They aren't embarrassed or ashamed by it, they have bigger problems to worry about, especially since the men don't give them shit over what they wear or don't wear. ( Unlike the real world where people will kill you and judge you over something as simple as the name brand you have on...think about it, which world is really better?) Their like one of the fellas in this respect, they have a sense of equality and mutual acceptance over their bodies. And wasn't the goal of basic feminism and women's suffrage trying to be equal to men instead of being treated as lesser? So ironically, a show that features half-naked teens/young women and uses it for fanservice, is also a great promoter for women's equality, of tolerance, and about letting go of the special privileges men enjoy by being able to be more out there than women are allowed to be in society, making both genders equally free in their fashion choice.

Link to the SW TV Tropes page:

This is only one of the reasons as to why I love Strike Witches, one of the others being Lucchini but that's a whole other thread. (Seriously, if asked about her I would literally have to make a thread to address everything I like and why I think she's a cool character...I'll do it if you guys want...plz?)

"There's nothing a Witch can't do!"

"There's nothing a WOMAN can't do!"
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