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Hataraku Maou-Sama/The Devil is a Part Timer

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Hataraku Maou-Sama/The Devil is a Part Timer

Post by Darthtabby on Mon May 27, 2013 11:05 pm

Is anyone here watching this show? It may not be a yuri series but it is absolutely hilarious.

The plot of the series is basically this: a Demon King is on the verge of conquering the Continent of Ente Isla when a hero appears and drives back his armies. In order to escape defeat, the Demon King and his most loyal general flee through a dimension portal... and find themselves in modern day Tokyo. With almost no magic remaining, the Demon King is forced to seek employment to sustain himself and fuel his future ambitions. This leads to him getting a job at a fast food restaurant.
Of course, things aren't quite that simple.
minor spoilers for early episodes:
One day the Demon King encounters a girl on the way to work -and then encounters her again as he's on his way home. At which point she reveals herself to be Emilia, the hero who nearly defeated him back on Ente Isla. Much like the Demon King, Emilia has little magic remaining and has had to seek employment to sustain herself (in her case, this has meant working as an Office Lady at a Cell Phone company). In spite of this, she still intends to kill the demon lord -even if she has to use a knife from a 100 yen store as a substitute for her holy sword.
Actually there are more serious plot elements that come into play again pretty quickly, but thus far the comedy is still this show's strongest suite.

Here's a brief clip from the first episode of the Demon King's general trying to test whether his magic works on Earth:

And for those of you who read the spoiler there's also this clip.

One warning -it might be best not to show this series to people who are going to be really offended about having a main character named Satan. :lol:

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