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Chie x Akira... Chakira, anyone?

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Chie x Akira... Chakira, anyone?

Post by Zweifel Marguerite on Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:01 pm

As always, a random thought that occurred to me.
I kind of thought that this pairing could work. Akira is obviously hiding her identity of a female, and Chie acts quite manly for a girl. That could possibly form a common ground for them to interact.
Plus, their personalities would match quite well. Despite her bravery and ability to keep calm, Okuzaki-chan gets ridiculously easily flustered by any kind of interaction with others (tsundere...?). And we all know how much of a tease Chie is.
I don't know, really, this could be a possible crack-pair or a disaster, but I am interested to hear your thoughts.

So...Chakira, anyone?
Zweifel Marguerite
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