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Shizuru & Shizuma

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Shizuru & Shizuma

Post by Midori Sugiura on Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:22 pm

Considered to be the the two queens of Yuri anime by many, I had a weird thought about what if they were together?

Shizuma x Shizuru Kaichou

I think in some ways the two are very similar and may have been able to be a cute couple, even if only for a small while

I think the only picture I've seen of these to together in a scene was done by Krystal of Nol
I'm a huge fan of your work Krystal, Mikoto Minagi

and a link to Krystal of Nol's Deviant Art page for anyone who wants to check it out, which I heavily suggest...

I just want to know who else thinks Strawberry Panic's Yuri Queen and Mai HiME's could hit it off
Midori Sugiura
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High Priest Brony of Midori-ism

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