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Takeda/Mai?! Yes, please. >:3

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Takeda/Mai?! Yes, please. >:3

Post by Cheshire Kat on Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:39 pm

Takeda X ruby

TakeMai has to be my favourite heterosexual couple in the whole series. When you think about it, it isn't a long-shot; Yuuichi knows Takeda, Yuuichi knows Mai. Mai attends a kendo practice of Yuuichi's and meets Takeda. Takeda is a pretty nice dude, so a striking of the conversation would undoubtedly occur. I believe he'd have a rather cool head around Mai, since Mai isn't the school's motor-cycle riding hardass, and Mai is a fairly warm person as well.

I ain't gonna lie either, Takeda Masashi is a very, very pretty man. I mean handsome. Whatever you prefer. ;p Takeda is my favourite male character undoubtedly, simply because of how down-to-earth and realistic he seems. He's not this perfectly constructed man, he has issues and he gets cold feet around the girls he likes. He's honest, but it takes some chest hair for him to confess his feelings. I just wish we had seen more of him; more of Takeda and less of the joke character who has feelings for Natsuki.

Takeda seems to be a very stand-by-my-lover type of guy. He's dedicated, being the captain of the kendo team takes more than barking commands and having a pretty face. Mai needs that kind of person to be in her life- she's gone through so much bullshit but has kept a strong outlook, however I'm sure we all know on the inside she's crumbling down. She thinks her mother's(and Takumi's near) death her fault, her father's ran off (because judging how Mai has to pay for her brother going to America and his hospital bills, I don't think that Daddy Tokiha is around), she had no compensation like how Natsuki did when Daddy Kuga darted off(Natsuki was given a fortune), and she has to care for her brother. Mai may seem grounded, but she needs a tether. Takeda seems to be that person. As far as I'm concerned, Takeda is the greatest man in the series- he had no idea what the hell was going on but he wanted to know what was up with Natsuki, he didn't jump and dodge around her (he was about to confess his love in episode 9 for damn sake!), and he didn't play with anyone's feelings like how Reito did. He seems to be the most well-rounded male character along with Kazuya; they're just average blokes. Yuuichi seems too rash and too much of a generic Shoujo-anime male love interest, and well, Reito reminds me of a seme from a Yaoi series.

They have compatible personalities. They're not going to be the most exciting, sex-mongering, rough, manipulative couple, they're going to be a human couple, what most couples are like. There wouldn't be a seme, or an uke; I wholeheartedly believe that it would be a mutual relationship.

There you guys go, my fave het couple has been uncovered! Have fun discussing! :D

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Cheshire Kat
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Re: Takeda/Mai?! Yes, please. >:3

Post by burande fujino on Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:40 pm

Aww the perv and her actually do sound like a pretty food couple. :)
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