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Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

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Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by SpiralDasher on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:04 am

SpiralDasher's Shizuru/Youko stories!

Not a discussion board for the pairing, but where I'll put my stories for this pairing. It's about three first-chapters, not full stories or one-shots, but I was mostly playing around with the pairing when I wrote them and seeing how well I could make them work. I think I did a fairly good job. 8)

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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by SpiralDasher on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:05 am

Title: French Kisses with Italian Wine
Rated: M
Summary: "Getting plastered is never a good idea."




The world really needs to stop spinning.

A hand slowly lifted from under the safety of the bedcovers and landed on the nearby nightstand with a heavy thump. Groaning, the arm's owner tilted their face away from the pillow's protection and opened their eyes- Argh!

A blinding wave of vertigo shot through her head and she immediately shut her eyes to block out the light. She felt like a jackhammer was pounding away at the back of her skull. How much did I have?

Over the years, the doctor had built up a pretty formidable alcohol tolerance, so in order to feel this hung over she must have had had at least…

At least two bottles of wine. Youko Helene inwardly winced, What was I doing last night?

Thinking back, Youko could only remember blurry images of bright lights spinning all around; the intoxicating taste of expensive, aged wine and flashes of red that made her pulse quicken…

It's no use, the nurse gave up after a bit, I can't think of anything else. I'll just have to try and fill in the rest of the holes throughout the day. But first:

The brunette gritted her teeth and slowly leaned up, ignoring the screaming protests her body gave. After the initial wave of nausea passed, she gradually revealed dark blue eyes, adjusting her gaze to the harsh morning light. I can't even remember the last time I felt like this… It might've been when I was still with her—

Youko quickly shook her head, No, don't think about her. She's long gone. The doctor then winced in pain as she was reminded that shaking one's head during a hangover was rather stupid. Alright, time to get rid of this hangover.

She slowly stood up from the comfort of her bed, the chilly air hitting her nude body, sending a shiver up her spine. Sluggishly, she made her way across the carpeted floor to the bathroom, just barely able to keep from muttering curse words. Entering the restroom, the brunette made her way over to the medicine cabinet and took out a bottle of painkillers. Popping a couple in her mouth, she swallowed the pills with a mouth full of water. She then proceeded to drink straight from the tap.

After a minute or two of just drinking, she leaned back up for a breather, letting the water run down her chin and slipping between the valley of her breasts. She shivered again, but otherwise paid it no mind; she wasn't in the right mind-frame to care. Instead she was glaring at her reflection in the mirror, taking in her exhausted appearance and disheveled hair.

I feel like shit.

She sighed, deciding to clean and dry-off her face with a towel before making her way back into the bedroom. Time for a nap. She all but collapsed onto the bed, pulling the covers up to her shoulders and laying on her side. She closed her eyes and prayed that sleep would find her soon.

Something behind her rustled under the covers. Slowly, two slender limbs snaked around her waist and an inviting warmth pressed firmly against Youko's bare back.

"I kept your spot warm," a voice purred hotly into the doctor's ear. "Do I get a reward?"

"You'll get it at three," Youko answered automatically in her sleep-deprived haze.

A delighted giggle followed, "My, even when half-asleep, you give the most amusing replies."

Amusing replies… These words floated around Helene's mind for a couple seconds. Replies… Wait! Her breath hitched and her body stiffened as realization finally set in, Who am I replying to!

Her eyes shot open and she twisted in the warm hold, finding a pair of rich, red eyes only a couple inches away from her face.

Mirth swirled in those wine-colored depths, a tempting smile tugging on the woman's lips, "Ara, good morning." She leaned in to place a quick, chaste kiss on the doctor's lips before resting her cheek on Youko's shoulder.

The doctor's shoulder warmed where the lips made contact.

We had sex. Somewhere in the back of Youko's blurry memory, she could remember those same lips claiming every inch of her body, delightfully nipping at flushed skin. We had good sex.

This wasn't the first time she'd woken up with a bed-partner. No, this had happened quite a few times before and the shock value had worn off by now. What stunned Youko was that her newest playmate seemed to be in a league all her own; most of the women the doctor had woken up to, she'd met in a bar or a club. The lady Helene was gazing at now looked like she could have bought both the bar and the club. On whim.

"Like what you see?" The woman's heavily accented voice pulled Youko from her musings. The doctor was met with an impish smile.

Youko lifted a brow before lifting the covers of her bed to get a better look at her companion's body. Her blue eyes trailed over the inviting frame, mapping all the dips and curves presented before her. She was still wondering what had happened last night to end up bedding this woman.

Good karma?

Finally, Helene looked back up, their gazes meeting. "I would be a fool if I didn't think you were the most stunning woman I've ever seen," she answered candidly.

The other smiled gratefully before twisting her body to fully face the doctor. She leaned in close, one hand reaching up to cup Youko's cheek in her hand. She spoke softly while looking deep into dark blue eyes, "And you, Youko, are the most gorgeous woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting." She closed the distance, their lips meeting in a feather-light kiss.

Youko was enraptured, unable to look away for the other's overwhelming stare. Like a moth to a flame, she was drawn in, closing her eyes and brushing her lips against velvet-soft—

She flinched as her head thumped painfully.

"Ah, your hangover." Youko opened her eyes to find the other giving her a look of concern. She was lightly pushed back onto the bed by a gentle hand, "You should get some more rest." A quick kiss was placed on the doctor's forehead before the stranger slipped out of bed. Without even bothering to cover up, she walked towards the hallway of Youko's apartment, "I'll go make up something to eat." She disappeared from view.

Saying Youko was bewildered would be an understatement. Many questions ran through her mind, but one stood out above the rest: what is that woman still doing here?

As far as Helene's experiences went, a "one-night stand" consisted of a single night between the sheets, and then waking up to find your bed-partner putting on their clothes. So why isn't she gone?

Try as she might, she couldn't think of an answer.

Her head started to hurt, telling her that she was thinking too hard while still recovering from a hangover. Youko gave up trying to rationalize the irrational, and closed her eyes, quickly falling asleep.

Youko woke up to a familiar warmth pressed against her back. She didn't even turn to look. "You're still here."

"I am."

The doctor's hand moved to rest upon one of the arms encircling her waist. "Why?"

"Why what?" One of the younger brunette's hands absently stroked up and down the doctor's side as they talked.

"What are you still doing here?" Blue eyes noticed the sandwich and glass of water on her nightstand.

The woman's lips gently brushed the nape of Youko's neck as she spoke, "I don't have anything to do today, so I figured I'd spend today getting to know more about you."

"Why?" Youko echoed.

"Ara, isn't it normal to want to know one's girlfriend better?" the red-eyed beauty teased.

Youko could almost literally hear her train of thought screeching to a halt. She gaped for a bit, looking like a fish out of water as she struggled for words. What is- … How are- … She finally turned to face the other, "What?"

"I want to learn more about my girlfriend: you," the younger one answered plainly, looking amused.

"I know what you're saying," Youko quickly clarified, frowning, "but how… when… What?" The doctor's usual composure was failing her at the moment.

"…" Her companion leaned up and stared at her for a long time, searching for something. She eventually sighed, a small, sad smile forming, "You really don't remember, do you?"

"I'm sorry, no. Care to fill me in?" Youko asked with an expectant look.

"Of course." The lighter-haired brunette leaned up fully and stared down, a pleasant grin on her face, "My name is Shizuru Viola, and as of last night, your girlfriend."

Shizuru Viola? I think I've heard that name before. But from where... Youko waited, but when it was evident that no more was coming, she urged the other on, "And?"

Shizuru put on a mock-thinking pose, "And my favorite colors are purple and pink. My favorite beverage is tea—"

"And I bet you like long walks on the beach," Youko cut in, unimpressed. She was very much aware Shizuru knew that wasn't what she was talking about.

"Nude ones are preferred," Shizuru replied cheekily.

Youko smiled despite herself, rolling her eyes.

"Last night, yes," Shizuru started to recall the previous evening. "It was at Yukino's inauguration dinner last night."

Youko nodded; it was slowly coming back to her. Yukino was a friend of hers from their first few years in Fuuka University. Along their academic carrier, the two had chosen separate paths, Youko going into the medical field and Yukino transferring over to a law school. Youko became a doctor and, as of a couple days ago, Yukino was voted in as Fuuka's newest Governor. They were still close friends, and as such, Helene was invited to attend the formal ceremony.

The doctor remembered not knowing anyone besides Yukino and Haruka, but they were quickly dragged away to answer questions from politicians and press alike, so she quietly excused herself to… Youko frowned, What happened next?

Shizuru continued, "Her speech came to a close and I walked over to congratulate Yukino. We talked for a bit, joined by a couple others we both knew, but she was soon dragged away by someone on her team and I excused myself to grab a bite to eat." Red eyes found blue, a fond smile forming on her face, "That's when I saw you."

"There you were, by yourself when everyone around you was chatting about politics. You were so deep in thought that when I approached you at the bar, you literally jumped when I greeted you," Shizuru chuckled. "I sat down and we started to talk; imagine my surprise when I found you were still coherent after drinking a whole bottle and half of wine by yourself."

"I have a high tolerance to alcohol."

"By that point, I believe it's called a high resistance," Viola remarked.

Youko smiled and shrugged, leaning up against the headboard.

Shizuru carried on with the story, "We talked about little things, irrelevant things, and the more we conversed, the more intrigued I became. I found your looks were matched only by your intelligence; your wit was quick and sharp, and you spoke your mind about anything and everything, never mincing your words. I was enthralled.

"You told me stories from your job, both happy and sad. You explained why you were there, even though you weren't part of Yukino's campaign. And finally…" Shizuru eyes lost their flare, "Finally you told me about her."

Youko's breath hitched, quickly breaking eye contact as pain streaked across her face. Her heart clenched, I talked about her?

"You called her, 'that woman,' never giving her name as you recalled the events surrounding you both. You then downed the rest of your second bottle." A comforting hand rested on Youko's shoulder and the doctor looked back to see Shizuru giving her a sympathetic look, "There aren't many people that could come back from their misery after something like that." The younger brunette hugged the doctor close, "No one should have to go through that."

Youko's eyes hardened and she pushed away from the hug, glaring at Viola, "Thanks, but if you decided to become my girlfriend out of sympathy, then there's no need. That part of my life is behind me," she said coldly.

"Ara," Shizuru unlatched Youko's hands from her shoulders and instead hooked them around her waist, "I never said that was only reason."

A pointer finger started its slow trek down Youko's body, both pairs of eyes watching all the while, "Mature beauty…" The finger flicked across one of Youko's nipples, causing it to harden, before continuing on its trail.

"Knowledgeable on many topics…" The digit traveled downward, caressing the skin around the older woman's naval.

"And serious with a playful side." It finally reached its destination, spreading the lips of Youko's center and grazing across the hooded bundle of nerves. Youko gasped, her body jerking at the touch. When Helene recovered, their eyes met; the look in those darkened red eyes sparked a flame deep within Youko's body.

"How could I resist making such a fine, young woman mine?" Shizuru ended, looking much like a wild cat on the prowl.

Youko regarded the younger woman before closing her eyes, taking a couple deep breathes. Down, libido. Down. Reopening her eyes, she addressed Viola in a level voice, "Sex is fine, but that doesn't mean I want to become your girlfriend. I don't even know anything about you."

Shizuru came back from her feral state as she considered Youko's words. Finally, she replied, a grin on her face, "Alright then, how about a wager?"

Youko's brow slowly climbed upward. A wager?

Shizuru explained, "Give me two weeks. If I can convince you within two weeks, you will agree to become my girlfriend."

Youko smirked, amused, "And what if you can't convince me?"

"I'll pay for your Alcoholics Anonymous sessions," Shizuru answered with an innocent smile.

Youko's face fell.

"I kid," Shizuru giggled at the other's expression. "You're free to decide what happens if you win."

Youko pondered for a bit, This is an unexpected, yet interesting turn of events. I'm placing a bet on my relationship status. A small smile surfaced, Still, this could turn out to be fun. What have I got to lose? "Alright, you're on. Just don't expect it to be easy."

Shizuru's eyes gleamed at the challenge, "Ara, the thought never even crossed my mind."

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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by ookamidesu on Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:51 am

I love it, Dashy!

At the beginning, I was thinking it was in HiME-verse, and so I was thinking that Youko just bedded a student! In any case, I look forward to reading more from you. :D


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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by zanekal1 on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:35 am

Yohko Viola Awesome job Dasher I'm looking forward to the other two "first chapters"

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Looks like a Yukino tastes like a Chie

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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by ookamidesu on Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:45 pm

You should enter this into zane's dA contest. XD


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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by SpiralDasher on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:30 am

ookamidesu wrote:You should enter this into zane's dA contest. XD

Sorry I didn't respond to this before. I just felt that if I entered my already-written pieces into the contest, I'd be cheating a bit. They've already been written whereas others worked on their pieces for the contest during it's announcement period.


This next piece would belong more in the polygamy section, seeing as how the whole fic would be one big smut-fest with Youko and other characters. ;P However, I never got around to continuing the piece and was only able to write one short smut between Shizuru and Youko. Shizuru's being all sneaky-sneaky. >3 I have the premises for the story, if anyone's interested, but it never got finished, so I'll explain it upon request. XD

Warning: Rated M - Smut, PWP

"Nn… Midori, stop…"

It was a nice spring morning in Garderobe Academy. The future Otome were just waking up, ready to greet a new day that was sure to be filled with both new experiences and obstacles needing to be overcome.

"Mi-midori! Haa! S-stop, please…"

Even the school's staff members were slowly waking up, feeling that there was certainly something special about today. They all began to make plans about what they wanted to accomplish by the end of the day, and how they would go about doing it. Well, every staff member but Youko Helene.

"Ah! Mi-un!" All real words were lost, forgotten, to make way for the loud moans escaping Youko's throat. The brunette's body rocked back and forth to her girlfriend's rhythm, trying to get the most of that skillful tongue that shamelessly penetrated deep into her center. Energetic fingers played with her clit, making her claw at the sweat-stained sheets underneath. Helene's eyes were squeezed shut as she tried to make sense of it all:

Midori's never woken me up this way before- not that I'm complaining. As far as I'm concerned, it's a step up. What bothers me is how good she is at this… Does that mean she's done this with someone else before? A flash of jealousy crossed through Youko at this thought. The professor, in a small fit of envy, wrapped her legs around Midori's torso, pulling the desert dweller's body to hers, causing Midori's lips to connect with Helene's lower lips, sending a shudder throughout the brunette's body. Youko smiled triumphantly when she heard a husky groan originate from between her legs, Damn right I taste good.

Soon after, the body farther down the bed shifted so it was sitting up, lifting Youko's bottom so she could slide her own hips underneath, placing her legs on either side of Helene's torso. The redhead guided Youko's legs to rest over her shoulders before moving one of her hands back to the professor's bundle of nerves. Youko's felt her girlfriend smirk when gasped at the connection.

The Aswad boss busied her free hand lightly brushing up and down Youko's legs, scooting in further when she felt the brunette lock her ankles along her back. Each little stroke of the hand, flick of the finger, or thrust of the tongue brought Helene closer and closer to the edge. "Mi… Mi…" She tried to get the name out but was instantly cut off when her clit was pinched, sending pleasurable electric jolts through her body. "Un! I—" Youko balled the sheets in her hands, almost painfully, as she neared the top. A little more! Just a little more! Almost as if answering her unspoken plea, that marvelous tongue sped up, rushing faster to bring Youko higher than she'd ever been before.

"Midori!" Youko called out at a volume she didn't know she was capable off. Her vision flashed white behind her eyelids, a strong wave a vertigo hitting her, sending her into a dizzy state of euphoria. She clung to it, treasuring this feeling for she knew something this good could never last. And then she fell.

She fell, pooling into the mouth that was more than ready to receive her. She fell, falling from a mighty summit, slowly descending back down to a grounded Earth. She fell, finally landing on a soft bed, her body spent from having sex with her girlfriend.

Youko's body rocked with each wave that passed through her exhausted body, each being less harsh than the last, but no less satisfying. She panted, her sweat coated chest rising and falling with each breath she took. Her grip was loose, her body no longer having enough strength to even hold the sheets. Her legs rested against her girlfriend's back as she relaxed, not wanting to move any part of her body.

After a minute or so of just resting, Helene finally cracked a smile, "Midori, that was…" She paused for a moment as she tried to think of the right word. "That was wonderful." Never before had the leader of Aswad been able to make her feel that sexually satisfied. She grinned, "You better not have been holding out on me until now."

"Ara, I would never even think it."

Blue eyes shot open, looking at the ceiling, "'Ara'?"


Helene's gaze slowly drifted down from the white ceiling above, Please don't be true. Please don't be true... But of course it was true. Yes, right there, as naked as the day she was born, was Shizuru Viola smiling warmly at her with a mischievous twinkle in those deep red eyes. The Meister shifted her head, leaning it against a thigh still draped over her shoulders, "Good morning, Youko-chan. I assume you woke up pleasantly enough? No complaints?"

No complaints? Youko blinked as the words set in. NO COMPLAINTS? She grit her teeth, glowering down at the now confused smile she was getting. I thought you were Midori!

"GET OUT!" The yell was loud enough to send a nearby flock of birds scattering from the trees they were resting in. Back inside Youko's bedroom, Shizuru was expertly dodging random thrown objects aimed at her. It was a good thing that Viola was a trained warrior- Youko seemed to have a fairly good pitching arm on her. It wasn't until the Third Column had quickly shut the door on her way out that Youko finally relaxed, placing the alarm clock she was going to throw next down beside her. She sighed, sitting on the edge of her bed, burying her face into her hands, "… Goddamnit."

Just what the hell was that? Why was Viola in my room… doing that with me? Shouldn't she be with her own girlfriend? Speaking of girlfriends, where did mine go? Youko looked up from her palms, turning her gaze around to look at the empty bed, "She was here last night. I remember falling asleep in her arms…" She frowned, "Wouldn't she at least leave a note, or something?" She stood up with the intention of searching the other side of the bed when she was stopped by a knock. She glared at the door, her harsh tone reflecting her sour mood, "What?"

Shizuru's melodious voice came from the other side of the cinnamon colored wood, "May I at least have my clothes?"

A minute later, the door opened, but before Viola could say anything, her clothes were thrown into her face and the door was slammed shut. The Meister Otome pouted, clutching her balled-up clothes to her chest, "I didn't think I was that bad…" She beamed, her expression doing a one-eighty, "Ah well, that just means I have to make it up to her later."

Of course, Youko would have to worry about what happens 'later', and not just from Shizuru. No, there were plenty of people in Garderobe that wouldn't mind spending some quality time with the academy's one and only professor Helene. The real question was, who would get to her first?

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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by Chaglette on Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:59 am

Omg that was AWESOME XD I like your writing style alot! You also wrote Shiz's lines nicely :3 not many people are good at that and some people just make her sound... Normal. Without that kyoto-ben/elegant feel.

The part where the clothes were thrown into Shiz's face made me laugh :lol:

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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by SpiralDasher on Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:36 am

zanekal1 wrote: Yohko Viola Awesome job Dasher I'm looking forward to the other two "first chapters"

How did I miss this post too?! DX I'm so sorry! Thanks you for reading my stories, and I'm glad you liked the first one! X3

Thank you too, Ooka. ^^ Yeah, I probably should have said this is Otome-verse. If I ever made a Hime-verse Shizuru/Youko, most likely Shizuru would already be graduated.

Nagi wrote:Omg that was AWESOME XD I like your writing style alot! You also wrote Shiz's lines nicely :3 not many people are good at that and some people just make her sound... Normal. Without that kyoto-ben/elegant feel.

The part where the clothes were thrown into Shiz's face made me laugh :lol:

Thank you very much! I do try to write them in character, considering this is a crack-pairing. XD When I first started to write Mai Hime fanfiction, I couldn't write Shizuru at all, so hearing that I wrote her nicely is a relief. ^^


I have one more starting chapter for this pairing!

Coral student
Coral student

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Re: Dasher's Shizuru/Youko Stories

Post by SpiralDasher on Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:31 am

Well, this is the last thing I ever wrote for these two. I don't quite know if Shizuru is "in character" here; she's probably a bit more carefree in this than her canon. That's because I planned for her to change into how we know her as the story went on. This story would start off as Shizuru/Youko and eventually become a Shiznat, Midori/Youko. (No Natsuki in this chapter though.) But there are many pairings in this would-have-been story; it was gonna be big.

Title: Tools of Destruction
Notes: It's an AU, set in the future with military and sci-fi elements, has a huge romance factor and it loosely tied back to Mai Hime-verse eventually.


Red eyes trembled, wide as she watched the horrifying scene through the slit between the pantry's doors.

"No, mama…"

Screams of terror and anguish ripped through the household, piercing through her tiny ears.


Crimson tainted everything in sight, painting the kitchen with its hypnotizing color. Then, when she thought it was all over, a pair of red glowing orbs turned towards her…

Shizuru Viola's eyes slowly opened, the images of her dream quickly becoming hazy, but still recognizable. It was hard to completely forget something like that, especially when your mind liked to remind you of the event every single time you dozed off. When will these haunting nightmares end? She wondered, the scene still fresh in her mind.

"… and that's how the Kiyohime was upgraded." Thankfully, a familiar voice interrupted her train of thought.

"Hm?" Shizuru lifted her gaze upward until she was met with a very inviting view. She watched the rear end of her girlfriend shift back and forth as the mechanic continued to work, unable to stop the smirk from forming. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch any of that that. Could you repeat?" She continued airily, distracted.

"What!" The said mechanic exclaimed, her voice resonating against the metal walls of the hanger she was working in. She pulled her upper body out from the bipedal war machine that was being fixed up, wiping the dirt and grim off her face with a towel that hung around her shoulders. She turned around to address Viola directly, placing her gloved hands on her hips and raising a brow in accusation, "How could you possibly not catch any of that? I've only been talking for the last fifteen minutes. Were you even paying attention?" Youko Helene finished, narrowing her dark blue eyes in accusation.

An innocent smile made it's home on Shizuru's face, her red eyes glinting in amusement as she folded her hands upon her lap, "Ah, well, I might've dozed off a little…"

The darker brunette's eyebrow twitched, "Goddammit, Shizuru." She cursed, turning around and slamming the metal framework of their Walker's shoulder into place with an audible thud. "I answer your question and you don't even listen!" The fuming mechanic walked down the steps of the metal scaffolding, trying her best not to stomp as she did so.

Viola's smile immediately turned apologetic once she saw how upset she had made her girlfriend with her response. "I truly am sorry, Youko-chan. Once I sat down, I immediately started to doze off. I did not mean to disregard your words."

Helene stared at the younger brunette long and hard from the bottom of the scaffold, looking for any clues that might tell her if Shizuru was lying. She found none. Her visage softened and a small smiled appeared, "Sorry. Of course you'd be tired after what happened earlier today, that mission was a bit tougher than some we have been on recently."

Shizuru grinned in response, looking as relaxed and playful as always. Her boot-covered feet were crossed, lying upon the wooden desk she was sitting in front; her chair was pushed onto its back legs, reclining back in the shaded area of the warehouse. Her legs were covered by camouflage colored pants and a couple dog tags rested on top of the blank tank top she wore over her torso. "But of course, in the end that Orphan was no match for the Rydel Mercenaries."

Shizuru and Youko were members of a for-hire group called the Rydel Mercenaries. Lead by Mashiro Blan, the Rydel Mercenaries would hunt down and kill alien beings dubbed 'Orphans' by the human population- for a price, of course.

It was currently the year 2233, a mere thirty-three years after the Great Impact. No one would forget the Great Impact, the day a huge meteor crashed into the Earth, creating an shock strong enough to send of title wave of destruction outward until it engulfed the whole east side of the Earth, leaving nothing but a barren wasteland behind. Now, not only was one side of the planet they lived on uninhabitable, but the Orphans apparently came down with the meteor, claiming Earth as their new home.

Orphans were large creatures coming in all shapes and sizes, mostly resembling animals already found on Earth. They were vicious beasts, attacking any humans they could find without warning, identifiable by their glowing red eyes.

To combat the Orphans, the military created Walkers, twenty-foot tall, bipedal machines specifically designed for eradicating Orphans. Walkers were operated by two people, called a Pair. Each person in the pair was given a specific job, being either the Driver or the Support. The Driver operated the movements of the Walker; the Driver would get into the front and strap into the Walker's binds where the Walker when then copy any movement the Driver makes. The Support sits on a lowered seat in front of the Driver, monitoring the Walker's bio status, keeping an eye on the grid that monitored the surrounding area, etc.

'But why would there need to be mercenary groups if the army took care of them all?' one might ask. Well, that was because they couldn't take care of them all; the army's jurisdiction only covered the city-country of Aries, not any of the land surrounding it. So, while the army took care of any Orphans that wander into Aries, the military hired mercenary groups to take care of the surrounding lands, paying the hired hands handsomely for their kills. (Also, another reason people hunted Orphans are because when they die, their hearts crystallize into a substance almost as hard as diamonds, selling for a substantial price on the market.)

Or some of us just kill for revenge, Viola thought to herself darkly, her eyes hardening as her thoughts drew back to the dream she'd woken up from not ten minutes ago. She closed her eyes, her face looking serene, with her mind anything but. Her right hand automatically shifted towards the left side of her torso, grasping at a familiar scar. No, it won't do you any good to grow upset. There isn't anything you can do about that now. Just vent during the hunt like always.

"Does your side hurt?" Helene's questioning voice brought the Kiyohime's Driver out of her musings.

"Hm?" Crimson slowly opened to meet the mechanic's concerned stare.

"I asked if your side hurt," Youko repeated. "As I said before, the Orphans we went against before were a bit tougher than the usual. I'm wondering if maybe you pulled something." Blue orbs eyed where Viola's right hand rested, as if simply staring would reveal if Shizuru was okay or not.

Shizuru couldn't help but smile at Helene's troubled gaze, her mood already lightening up. "Thank you for the concern Youko-chan, but really, you worry too much. I'm fine, see?" She smiled, tilting her head lightly to the side, "Or perhaps you think I'm losing my touch?"

Azure eyes rolled as Youko walked over and leaned against the table, folding her arms under her chest in a relaxed manner, "The day you start to lose your touch is the day Lena finally gives into Elliot's advances." Elliot didn't even try to hide the fact that she wanted in Lena's pants. Badly.

Viola's eyes danced brightly with mirth. "Ara, then I suppose I shall train harder for Lena's sake."

They both giggled at their shared joke before Shizuru lowered her feet onto the ground, all four legs of her chair once again level. She opened up her arms a little bit and made a beckoning motion, "Come." When the older woman sat down, Shizuru drew her in close, wrapping her arms around the other woman and resting her head on Youko's left shoulder. Viola let out a content sigh, letting the normality of the situation calm her jumpy nerves.

The two met back in training camp, coming from the same squadron and assigned to the same sleeping quarters. They met up after the first day of training and quickly became friends; they hung out together growing closer until they became simply inseparable. While Viola swiftly made her name known for outstanding endurance and combat, Youko's name was no less mentioned for her special, seemingly genius skill at technical expertise.

It was no shock then that they'd be put into the same Walker unit, where both would be valued for their strengths in their own fields. They moved up in the ranks together as Driver and Support of the Kiyohime, taking any challenge on together and becoming even closer than before.

Feelings were made known one night and were requited with equally strong feelings. After that, nothing could tear them apart; even when Major Shizuru Viola refused to act out an order given to her by her superior and quit the army, Specialist Youko Helene followed her Driver, becoming part of the mercenary team they're with to this day.

Come back from her trip down memory lane, Shizuru shifted her body, her hand lightly touching Youko's backside in the process.

Youko flinched away from the hand, a sharp inhale sounding as her face contorted into a look of pain.

Red eyes met blue with concern, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Youko grimaced, trying to fight off the searing pain that came from the light touch, "It's my back."

The lighter-haired brunette moved her head a little so she could glance down at Youko's back. She cringed, then turned to give Helene a sympathetic look, "That's quite the sunburn you've got there."

Youko made a noncommittal sound as she frowned, "Well, that's what happens when you work in the middle of the desert sun for three hours while forgetting to put sunscreen on." There was no helping it. Every mercenary group, if they wanted to be allowed to continue their jobs, had to have their headquarters away from the city so that meant they were stuck in the East Desert.

"You could have just asked me to put it on you." Shizuru's face brightened, "I wouldn't have mind."

Youko raised an eyebrow at the mischievous glint in those deep red eyes, "And give you another chance to unleash those wandering hands?"

"Hm?" Viola's eyebrows raised lightly in mock inquiry, "What wandering hands? These wandering hands?" She asked and proceeded to lightly kneed Youko's behind.

Youko jumped at the action, her cheeks flaring up before she glared down at the impish smile that had formed on Viola's face. She promptly smacked one of the hands lightly, staring pointedly down at the younger woman, "Any more of that and no 'happy fun time' for a week!"

Shizuru gave out a fake terrified gasp, "You wouldn't!"

Youko's own devilish smile appeared on her face, "Try me."

They had a stare-off as each tried to fight off the smiles that threatened to grow. Finally, a burst of air made it past Helene's lips as she started to giggle at their antics, "I forgot what we were talking about."

Shizuru smiled pleasantly, "We were talking about how I was going to give you the time of your life later tonight."

The mirth slowly escaped the dark-brunette's face, "Not with this sunburn, you're not."

Viola sighed dramatically, "Hearing that makes Shizuru a sad snake."

"I'm sure you'll find a way around it. You always do," Youko chuckled as she rested her arms around her girlfriend's shoulder.

"I'm sure I will," The Driver of the Kiyohime smiled easily in response. She took this time to scan over the Support's body, taking in what the other woman was wearing:

Her hands were protected by dark colored gloves; navy blue pants covered the length of her legs while the only thing covering her top was a white sports bra (not that Shizuru was complaining). At the moment, she had a towel draped over her shoulders; a common sight when Youko Helene was working on one of the Rydel Mercenaries' Walkers.

"Viola, Helene! We've got a new job!" A familiar voice came from the side entrance of the warehouse that lead to the main headquarters building.

"But we just finished one…" Youko grumbled before sighing, slumping her shoulders. "Can't we take a week vacation?"

"Now who's the unmotivated one?" Shizuru asked.

The Support lifted her gaze back up, her blue eyes giving her Driver a sharp look, "You when paperwork's involved."

The other member of their group finally crossed the expanse of the warehouse and leaned against the table right next to them, "When you two are done whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, tell me so I can explain what we know so far."

"Well, Haruka might be here for a while longer." The light haired brunette turned back to the woman on her lap, "Now, where were we, my sweet?" She jokingly cooed. Her smile only widened when she was met with Youko's dry look and Haruka's flaring cheeks.

"K-keep it in the bedroom!" The blonde sputtered out with a red face, several scenes involuntarily flowing into her mind.

The mechanic shook her head, "She's joking, Haruka." She turned to face the Driver of the Koumokuten, "Ignore her," she started, paying no attention to the 'So mean' uttered next to them. "What is it you wanted to brief us on?"

The blonde cleared her throat, "Right, we have a new job that the military wants to give us, as per usual. However, there's a snatch this time."

"I think you mean, 'catch'," Viola offered, earning an amethyst glare from the other Driver.

"What's the catch?" Youko asked before the two could start their (rather one-sided) bickering.

"The Marshal of the Army is having us compete with another up and coming mercenary group for the prize."

Shizuru raised an eyebrow, "Anh's having us compete? This is a first." Marshal Lu is more likely to send out a request to the team most qualified to perform than to set up a competition. No, Anh's not one to gamble. What's all this then...?

"I didn't believe it at first either, but apparently Mashiro got the message an hour ago," Armitage responded. "She's been talking with the messenger along with Reito and Yukino."

"And about the actual job?" Youko asked, also slightly bothered about Anh's uncharacteristic action.

The blonde shook her head, "No clue. It appears we'll be heading out to Aries to meet up with the Marshal and the other team before learning anything. Anyway, we're leaving in an hour's time so be ready by then."

"Roger that," Shizuru mock saluted the other Driver. When Haruka left the hanger to meet back up with the other members of the Rydel team, Viola turned back to her girlfriend, who was absently playing with her dog tags while in deep thought. She admired the deep furrow and clear blue eyes of Youko's thinking face before starting softly, "Youko."

"Hm?" The engineer's gaze softened as she quit fiddling with the metallic chain around Shizuru's neck. Her stare lifted and she had to stop from blushing under the fond look she was receiving. Even Helene had to admit that Shizuru was overwhelming at times. "Yes?" She finally replied.

One of the Driver's hands lifted and lightly grasped her Support's hand in hers, "What's wrong? You look troubled?" Viola's thumb gently grazed back and forth over Youko's palm.

The azure gaze fell to the side, "To tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure. I just can't help but feel like something big is about to happen."

"Why, you're going to propose to me? Of course I say yes!" Shizuru gushed, making a 'squee!' face.

"I'm serious, Viola!" Youko reprimanded darkly before pinching the top of Shizuru's hand with her own free one.

"Forgive me," The light haired brunette said, an apologetic expression on her face as she rubbed the now sore spot on the top of her hand. She followed up with a warm smile, "But don't you feel a little more relaxed now?"

The mechanic blinked. Then blinked again. "Yes… I suppose I am now. Thank you." She said, genuinely feeling a little less anxious after Viola's little jest.

"Good, then we can get start getting ready to head out. If we hurry, I can help you put some cooling lotion onto your sunburn."

"No way!" Youko exclaimed.

"Why not?"

"Because you keep making that motion with your hands!" Helene pointed at the offending hands, glaring down at them and backing away a little on Shizuru's lap.

"Ara?" Crimson eyes glanced down to see her hands were making a groping motion. She blinked, staring at the hands as if they weren't her own, "I wasn't even aware I was doing that…"

"That's even worse!" The engineer's voice went up an octave in her incredulity. She quickly got up, frowning, "Alright, that's it. I'll put the lotion on and meet up with you and the others when I'm done." She started to walk towards the main building.

Shizuru stood up, "Does this mean I can't help?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"That's exactly what this means." Viola then opened her mouth to speak, but the older woman beat her to it, "And don't even think about "accidentally" walking in while I'm getting changed."

Shizuru pouted jokingly, dejected that her "brilliant plan" had been foiled, "Ikezu."

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